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Gadgets are those little things that have made our lives so much simpler, scientists try to figure out new designs that can boost the things that we do everyday like eating, storing things and living our daily lives. Gadgets can fed our pets when we are not at home, measure the amount of energy being utilized by appliances and much more.


Philips Hue:

Most of us don’t really need a colored lighting system that is networked in our houses, but the Philips Hue is very cool. This bulb can change to a soft purple mood color when you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom; gamers have even hacked into the system so that they can coordinate the lights with their games to enhance the ambience.  The Bulb also has Geo Fencing that can automatically turn on the bulb as soon as you reach home, version 1.1 can connect to iOS Location Services that will recognize once you are within the required range, so don’t have to put down those big bags of groceries to get the lights and you can save a lot on the bills as well.


Petnet SmartFeeder:

This is a remote pet feeder that can drop food pellets by touching a button. This is a great time save for when you are running late for work and it can also measure out the right food portions for your pet and even memorizes the number of snacks that he has had. You may have to monitor the feeding times is you have many pets at home.


WAT Lamp:

This lamp uses water to fuel it but the system behind it is a very simple one in which the water combines with the hydroelectric batteries. This creates an electrochemical reaction that produces light and can also be controlled with an on/off switch.


Revolv Smart Home Hub:

This home automation hub will connect with all the smart devices in your home like the Nest Thermostat, WeMo Smart Outlets and even the Philips Hue Light bulbs. This single hub uses a single app to control all these devices but had limited functionality.


Doorbot + Lockitron:

This smart doorbell connects to your smart phone and alerts you when some one is ringing your door bell. It also features a microphone, speaker and adjustable cameras. Lockitron can be installed on any dead bolt so you can open it from anywhere in the world.

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