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How to repair your own television

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Repairing TV is not a very tough job and once you determine what the problem is you can do it all by yourself. If you learn how to repair your TV set, it can save time and money. It is very important to know the process of repairing and in this article you can get detailed steps of how to repair your own television. Just follow the steps very carefully and your work will be done in few hours.

Before starting any repair work, you should determine the problem and proceed further. In this section you will get to know how to repair television with no vertical deflection.

1. Determine the problem before proceeding
When you notice horizontal line on the screen, understand that this is a problem of vertical deflection. This problem happens due to the deficiency of vertical deflection that supports creating horizontal line on the television screen.

2. Identify the reason behind the problem
Lack of vertical deflection usually takes place when heat generates within vertical IC and due to which the metal keeps on contracting and expanding. Now the pin available on the chip gets distorted from the solder joint, supporting open circuit connection. This chip consumes high power which in turn gets very hot. The chip is capable of working at high temperature but the wreck on metal board caused due to contraction and expansion develops pressure on the circuit board connections.

3. Fix the problem
Open the bottom of the board with the help of a screw driver. You will notice an area of the board is circled with red marks. Those joints need to be resoldered. Now with the help of a pencil tip reheat the solder joints by soldering iron. For best function you can also include some extra solder to the joints.

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4. Reassemble your television board
Once you have completed resoldering, your work is almost done. Now just assemble the board back to your television set and plug it back to the switch board. When the problem of vertical deflection arises all you need to do is resolder the joints. Do not replace any part of your television set.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I diagnose bad CRT coolant?

For any type of repairing you need to understand the actual problem. When you notice that the green and blue picture tube is been affected, you will understand that it is due to bad CRT coolant. Since the wavelength of the red light never supports algae growth the red CRT never gets affected. The general symptoms of these problems are blurry pictures, halos in green images, absence of blue images, and washed out pictures.

Quick tips

  1. If you hear a popping sound and smell some smoke from the television set, pour some water. Water will help cooling down your television set and also will eliminate the smoke.
  2. Try to dust your television set everyday, so that it can be free from any dust and dirt that gets accumulated in the television back.

Things to watch for

  1. Always make sure to plug out your television and then start any repairing job, or you may experience some severe shock.
  2. Do not allow kids to roam around while repairing job; it may be dangerous to them.
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