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Wearable Technology

In today’s technology dominated world, it is impossible for us to imagine life without the latest gadgets and the changes and facilities they offer. There is hardly any field where modern technology doesn’t play a huge part. And now, with […]

Life for the visually impaired is quite challenging and there is no doubt about it. There have been many inventions from the advent of technology, which help the unfortunate vision impaired in having a better life. But, it’s only recently

Health and fitness are paramount in this stressful age, and technology is here to aid you in this craving. Wearable technology is now penetrating into the fabric manufacturing sector to provide consumers with smart means to keep check on their

Wearable technology is taking over the gadget arena in a big way, just like the smartphones dominate the current market. This wave is not going to stop and electronics manufacturers are coming up with wearable devices that are getting much

It has been a while now that wearable technology has entered the realms of health care. Fitness monitors and sensors have fast evolved ever since they came into being. It has been years now that the fitness trackers are popular

Wearable technology is fast catching up to be one of the most sought after industries in the world. We have so many wearable technology products around us and it is being sold everywhere in the market today. The most trending

Plumora is wearable technology for women. The device and system have been recently realized thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Plumora - Review

In the recent past, wearable technology has become a topic of great interest and discussion in the tech industry. Wearable technology is slowly becoming vogue and fashionable – a trend, a rage. Something that was once just a cool concept

The evolution of technology innovations has created a positive impact and changed the face of most of the industries in recent times. Technology has changed the way we shop, travel, pay, the way we communicate, and even the way we

If you are a technology geek and wish to come across newer and fresher ideas on wearable technology, Nixie is just the right fit for you. Created by Christoph Kohstall, Michael Niedermayr and Jelena Jovanovic, Nixie is a wearable drone

Nixie - Review
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