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Plumora – Review

Plumora is wearable technology for women. The device and system have been recently realized thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Appearance –

Plumora is an elegant and stylish wearable tech gadget designed with a classic touch. It is actually like a fine piece of jewelry that is designed in a sophisticated manner, as it is aimed to woo modern women who constantly need to stay connected. Plumora is a bracelet whose design in inspired by both the high street fashion of London and the modern fine jewelry of India. Plumora has been precision designed using Lucite and metals.There are two finish choices of white gold and 18K yellow gold. The bracelet has been given feather detailing that looks classy.

Performance —

Plumora is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Users will need to download a company app on their smartphone in order to pair Plumora with it via Bluetooth. While users will need Bluetooth 4.0 capability on their phone, they will also require iPhone 4S with iOS 7 or later and Android version 4.3 or later to connect with Plumora.

This gadget can also work well with iPad Air or Mini. However, Plumora cannot support Blackberry or Windows phones. It has a decent rechargeable Li-Po battery that may last up to three days on average use. The gadget also has a Qi Charging Chip that lets you charge it wirelessly on a charging station. In addition, your taps are precisely detected by a tri-axial accelerometer.

Ease of use —

This glamorous tech bracelet is ergonomically designed to provide complete comfort to the user. Its adjustable clasp lets you adjust the size of its attached chain so it fits well on your wrist. The smooth chain can easily drape around your wrist. In addition, its gentle vibrator and soft-colored LED glow do not disturb you while working. Thus, it is an easy-to-use gadget for women.


Usefulness —

Plumora gives you the comfort of custom connectivity on the change of a few settings. There are different profiles for work, home, travel and more. These profiles can be altered according to your priorities and preferences. You can choose what is most important for you to remain connected with and set those notifications accordingly. This wearable gadget lets you remain connected anywhere, anytime. Plumora offers a wide range of personalization options for notification colors, as well as vibration and glow levels. Thus, you can easily match this gadget with your unique style.

Quality –

Plumora is a high-quality gadget that gives you peace of mind to stay connected to your smartphone according to your own choice. With this performance-oriented gadget, you can always take important calls, receive urgent reminders and get the required app alerts.


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