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We often struggle to keep the pace up with the rapidly changing technological innovations, because almost every day a new item or pioneering technology is being introduces in this vast market. Not only is it difficult to get completely aware […]

Many marketers consider social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as valuable marketing vehicles in recent times. However, are these sites truly accelerating the discipline of marketing? Not at all. Marketers are concentrating more in engaging potential clients in conversation

Huawei has recently launched its best smart phone till now in India. The Ascend P6 is most probably the slimmest smart phone available in the market. It has got some very brilliant features. The Chinese smart phone makers have tried

An increasing number of people have started to access the internet and social networks through their portable and handheld devices. Today, more than 16 percent of all social media users access social networks through a tablet while 46 percent claim

It takes a lot of time and effort to get your company’s LinkedIn group to grow big. Building such successful LinkedIn Groups is often a result of intuitive social media marketing. Here are some valuable lessons that small business owners

What is StumbleUpon and who should not use it? StumbleUpon is a social site that acts as a custom search engine and offers information that is of interest to you. Like Google Bookmarks or Instapaper, it also allows bookmarking of

Social media marketing has officially gone mobile and it’s time that marketers begin to take the dawn of the mobile platform more seriously than before. Today, more than 60 percent of all users access social media through mobile devices like

Social media marketing is a trending topic these days. The businesses in the western world are very much familiar with social media marketing and when it comes to invest in SMM, they definitely have a better idea. These companies have

The integration of search engine optimization and social media marketing has become somewhat inevitable and plenty of bloggers are keenly looking at the prospects and avenues that it opens up. Social media optimization has become one of the buzzwords in

Social media marketing has become the most powerful way to advertise and market goods and services these days. Recommendations and “likes” from your social connections appear more trustworthy to you than an ad in the newspaper. This kind of word

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