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Benefits of social media marketing

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Social media marketing has become the most powerful way to advertise and market goods and services these days. Recommendations and “likes” from your social connections appear more trustworthy to you than an ad in the newspaper. This kind of word of mouth advertising has made social media marketing a tool with a unique value and reach. Here are the key benefits of social media marketing that help businesses grow.


It’s different from traditional marketing

In the past 60-70 years, advertizing has grown exponentially. However, the modern customer has gradually become aware of the techniques that marketers use to sell products and more often than not, this includes generalization, stereotyping and sometimes, flat out lying. Social media marketing, however, relies on the old word of mouth way of selling where actual users of products recommend them which makes them appear more credible and genuine to the customer.

The trust factor

If you had to choose between trusting an ad created by a multi-million dollar advertising agency or one that is promoted and recommended by 250 of your Facebook friends, which one would you choose? For most of us, it would be the latter for the very simple reason that we trust our peers more than professionals who are paid to make a product look good. If your friends say that the services of a hair salon are good, then you would be more willing to trust their recommendation than a billboard telling you the same.

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Relationship building

The directness of social media has allowed marketers to have one on one interaction with their customers. A brand can judge customer sentiment about one of their products directly through the comments that customers have made about it on their page. By paying attention to what the customers are saying and responding to it, companies can build a more intimate relationship with them.


Ability to create brand awareness

Knowing what brands one’s friends are using, recommending and promoting helps create more awareness about the brand. Via relationships that develop in online communities and natural connections, more trust about a brand is established. As companies create more brand awareness among their potential customer base, the better their visibility becomes.

You get to hear what the customers have to say directly

A brand’s participation in conversations about their products shows their commitment to the customer. Traditionally, companies relied on polls and surveys that only reflected the sentiments of a sample population of customers, the accuracy of which was always dodgy. The feedback that social media provides is a lot more accurate by far.

Reputation management

Social media marketing is all about understanding what reputation you have among your customer base. Getting involved in discussions about your products, responding to complaints and encouraging customers to tell you what they really think about your product helps you obtain meaningful information and understand larger trends easily.

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