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There is nothing worse than losing your hard disk. When something like that happens to you, you are faced with two choices. Either you have to let go of your valuable data or you have to pay dearly to a […]

Technology is advancing in so many fields. There are various new machines and bots coming up that we never knew existed. Up until the last couple of decades, there was hardly anything such as the internet, and now there is


Since its introduction, way back in 1993, Portable Document Format (PDF) came a long way to become a synonym for electronic paper. Word processors and spreadsheet programs are primarily being used as work-in-progress tools. Once users finish creating digital documents,

Able2Extract Professional 12

Every year we see brilliant innovations in tech which surpasses our expectations. They are seriously cool inventions which show us the future of tech. Robots which can be our friends, self-driving cars, virtual reality, exoskeletons and tech which we can

Sergei Brin on Google Glass

Zero day vulnerabilities have been around for a long time. Sadly, not many people knew about them until recently. A zero-day vulnerability is basically an exploit in a software or any other computer program that has been discovered and is

Habit – As the definition says, is a routine behaviour that is repeated regularly and which tends to occur unconsciously. People have a number of habits, harmless and sometimes harmful. Whatever the habit is, it is a part of us

Apple Watch was recently launched in a grand presentation in Cupertino and the major specs are now known to us. The much awaited watch will be marketed in the first quarter of 2015. The Apple Watch will be available in

BlackBerry has recently unveiled the square look of its freshly released smartphone called BlackBerry Passport. The phone will remind you of your real passport due to it similar appearance and style. Check out more about this newly launched device from

BlackBerry Passport - Review

Defense equipment and industry is a very important part of any country, and continuous development in technology benefits the defense while dealing with weapons. Technology that deals with defense system involves engineering, testing and failure analysis. Most of the development

Marine Corps War fighting Lab tested two robots, namely the LS3 referred to as Legged Squad Support System and GUSS Ground Unmanned Support system. During war it sometimes becomes difficult for the soldiers to carry the necessary equipment as it

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