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Products for anti-aging or with anti-aging as an added feature have dominated the market in recent years. Also, medical procedures that achieve the same have evolved to a degree where researchers are working overtime delving deep into biology, nanotechnology and […]

Tackle thinning hair

Virtual Reality has taken the world by storm in the last year. Rapidly becoming a hot commodity on the internet (Facebook bought a start-up VR company, the Oculus Rift for a reported 2 billion USD) Virtual Reality will define the

Virtual reality

Paralysis is a devastating condition for anyone. Till now, it was considered to be a permanent and irreversible condition. Paralytic people had no hope of being able to walk or move their hands. But now, some scientists have made extraordinary


Wearable technology is fast catching up to be one of the most sought after industries in the world. We have so many wearable technology products around us and it is being sold everywhere in the market today. The most trending

Cars and Technology Cars itself are an invention of technology. In fact, cars itself are of numerous kinds. Some of them are automated whilst some others have to be operated by human beings. However, technology itself isn’t just limited to

3D printing, also referred to as rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, has changed the way we used to print and opened new channels for creative expression. With the help of a 3D printer, you can create a touchable and usable

Touch technology has made considerable strides and even 6 years ago almost all mobile phones had traditional keypads whereas now most phones have touch screens. However, we still cannot feel the keypad on the phone or any of those action

The future holds many surprises in store as far as concept phone designs are concerned. Soon, in very near future, you would see some awesome, par-excellence concept phones that could make you forget even your iPhones or Androids. Check out

The tablets and phablets have taken the control of the gizmo market worldwide. Everyone is planning to buy or has bought one already. The huge displays of these devices seem definitely attractive but many times users complain about the problem

Some of you might have worried about getting your property operated in a certain way after your death or after becoming incapacitated to handle it. But, have you also been worried about your digital property being handled in a proper

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