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Google lets you choose how to create your digital will

Some of you might have worried about getting your property operated in a certain way after your death or after becoming incapacitated to handle it. But, have you also been worried about your digital property being handled in a proper manner after the same happens? If yes, get away from such worries as Google has come up with a solution to your tensions. If you are thinking about creating a will for your possessions or personal property, you may now also think about creating the same kind of will (but digital) for your saved personal e-mails or conversations!


Google has come up with ideas to launch the Inactive Account Manager page, which would be used as your digital will. In this will, you would be able to decide about the future of your digital images, documents or other belongings after you become incapable of handling them or do not exist to use them. Through this will, individuals would direct Google to either pass on their data to some trusted friends or family members, or get it deleted if their accounts remain dormant for a long time. This data could belong to several online venues, including YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive. There would also be an option of getting the whole account deleted if people do not want to pass on their digital information to anyone.

Individuals would be able to provide their options through a message on the page for ‘account settings.’ They might be able to specify to Google about the duration of waiting before Google takes any action on their mentioned accounts. Before this timeout period finishes, Google will send reminders to account holders through e-mails or text messages. While Google’s Inactive Account Manager is set up, users would have the authority to select a time duration for which the accounts must remain inactive before Google sends an alert about these. They could choose a timeout period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. A month before this period gets over, Google’s notification would reach the given secondary e-mail address.


Account users would also get an option to choose up to 10 trusted individuals who would receive custom information regarding the way to proceed and treat that account. In addition, if the timeout period gets over, the trusted nominees would receive an e-mail telling them that the dead person had left them some data and the way they could download this data. Finally, Google users would also be able to opt for data burning, in which case Google would wipe off all their data from all Google properties. Thus, whatever is the reason for you to get inactive, Google gives you options to choose what should happen to your data.


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