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Are you one of those people who keeps a lot of tabs open while working or studying? Your research might demand that you have to browse through numerous sites to find relevant information. Some people listen to music while working […]

tab Extend Manages all Your Tabs Boosting Productivity Review

Over the years, we have seen how technology has advanced to where it stands today. The innovations and concepts are taking us by surprise and helping us in many ways. None other than China sets one of the biggest examples


At its I/O 2014 conference for developers in San Francisco, Google announced a new design platform called “Android One.” This initiative has been taken to make Smartphones more affordable for lower-end user segment. Google targets to pass on this platform

Design The Titanfall Companion App is designed to acclimatize the player with the Titanfall universe like the game’s back-story, levels, weapons and various helpful game tips. You can enhance your performance with this Titanfall Companion App. The app provides you

If we go few years back in the past, the only way to rank higher in search engines was to get quality links from authority sites and to make most out of on-page and off-page optimization of your blog. However,

Even if you are a real pro at social media marketing, it’s very easy to feel lost at times. However, social media marketing is not very different to traditional marketing and it still utilizes the same basic principles. By using

As in 1990s, instant messaging and e-mailing had stormed the online world, it is now the social media led by Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, in combination with tablets and smartphones, the social media has totally revolutionized the online identities of

Rumors about the much discussed about new Facebook product can finally be put to rest. Facebook has now come up with a new app for Android users in the form of Facebook Home. It claims that this new app will

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