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Reports suggest that usage of mobile technology is soaring rapidly throughout organizations and industries; and, people engaged in maintenance and operations department are even feeling the need of going mobile. It is not an unknown fact for anyone who has […]

Mobile maintenance software

We are no future walkers but we love to imagine how things would be by the end of the decade. Especially our most loved phones, they have sweetly hijacked our lives and made us prisoners to the digital world in

There is no denying the fact that we are living in a world that is challenging every step of technology today. With each passing day, we are able to find a new answer to existing problems. While we have seen

At its I/O 2014 conference for developers in San Francisco, Google announced a new design platform called “Android One.” This initiative has been taken to make Smartphones more affordable for lower-end user segment. Google targets to pass on this platform

Design Holding P81 in hand feels quite sturdy and the faux leather finish of the back cover gives you a nice grip. It is 7.9 mm thick. It is a dual SIM Smartphone. The flip cover is of high quality

Technology and the Human Mind Technology is one of the greatest creations of the human mind. However, it has been strange how the same technology helps the human mind improve and develop. The mind processes faster and a lot of

What is smart phone? A smartphone is a mobile phone with highly advanced features. Olden smartphones were typical combination of mobile phones, such as, it used to include personal digital assistant (PDA), a media player, a digital camera or a

Smart phone operating system:- Smartphone are based on an operating system that permits it to run various smartest applications in general. Now, some specific smart phone model uses a specific operating system like Apple’s iPhone runs the iOS and BlackBerry

Election is just around the corner in India and number of politicians and their respective parties are busy with enhancing their image and building their portfolios. Under this circumstance, Two New NarendraModi Smartphones have launched in India by the group

The Xperia J is one of the premium smartphones from the flagship of Sony which ash turned out to be unexpectedly quite a big hit.

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