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Envisioning the future of Smartphones by the end of this decade

We are no future walkers but we love to imagine how things would be by the end of the decade. Especially our most loved phones, they have sweetly hijacked our lives and made us prisoners to the digital world in such conspicuous ways that we did not even realize how they took over. We are all willing slaves of our mobile devices checking them more frequently than checking ourselves in the mirror and picking them up quicker than we bring a spoon of food to our mouths. So why not look at how smartphones would look by the end of this decade which by the way does not seem very far away any longer.


Fingerprint on digital screen, security concept

There is a lot going on with smartphones and sensors already. Your phone most probably already has sensors to help you scan your fingerprint and identify if the person using the phone is authorized to do so or not. We love the way sensors build up on the security of our devices. With the way the users are going crazy over them, chances are that by 2020 you are going to see a lot of advanced sensors built into your phones.

We are thinking of sensors that can identify the tone of your voice or the pattern of your typing which will help in securing the device even more. By 2020 we are looking at phones that will be holding a lot of personal data with digitization growing by leaps and bounds, so sensors that ensure the security of your device will make it extremely difficult for someone else to tap into all that data.


Happy woman having a table full of organic food,juices and smoothie. Cheerful young woman eating healthy salad and fruits. Isolated on white.

In the same line as sensors, we imagine that phones in 2020 will have monitoring capabilities that can keep a check on your body temperature, blood pressure and may also be able to recommend a healthy diet to put things right. We are sensing a lot of potential with those sensors. With phones becoming such an important part of our lives, they’d rather make themselves more useful by helping us keep our health in check.

The monitoring services can go beyond health and can also relate to monitoring the home alarm system or other devices that can connect to your phone. When it comes to imagination, the sky is the limit, but we sincerely think that things like these are no big deal by 2020.

Collapsible electronics

flexible screens

The demand for flexible screens that can be folded to fit inside your pocket is growing. With the curved edges showcased in Samsung and LG phones, we think there is some potential. In four years, technology would have become smart enough to deal with it. We may be getting way too ambitious with our imaginations, but the way technology has gifted us with amazing features in the span of a few years, we love to think that collapsible electronics is possible. It may not take too long before we see phones morphing to take a new form.

Better Batteries

Wireless charging of smartphone

With Smartphone features getting better by the day, the one problem that remains at the heart of every smartphone is the battery. We believe that technology will reward us with better batteries and the problem of dead batteries will soon be over. We are looking at batteries that charge quickly and those that can last longer. We also hope that in addition to making batteries better, the phone components will also go through an overhaul ensuring that they use less battery.

Virtual Reality Getting Better

Virtual Reality

We are already in the age of virtual reality, but the hardware is still bulky and somewhat expensive. By 2020 we expect technology to embrace better looking VR gear which is more ergonomic and has the ability to look better and be more comfortable for wearers who spend hours in the VR world. We are hoping for better hardware and apps that are more immersive. Combine the two and you have virtual reality at a whole new level by 2020.

Technology has empowered us with greater imagination and better demands than what we had before. While I have no doubt that it won’t let us down, I do have a feeling that our imaginations may be getting the better of us especially when it comes to dabbling with technology.


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