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Having a website or a business is not enough. As much as it is essential to have an online presence, it is equally crucial that your website should help you gain customers. In today’s competitive age, every potential customer is […]

Uptimia Allows You Empower Your Website Analytics

Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It has taken over the advertising arena and improved it tenfold. While increasing your digital marketing reach will only bring more revenue to your organization, it will also make


Today, in competitive world of business, a business has to make a good use of modern communication technology in order to increase the productivity. Communication plays a very important role for the success of every business. Modern telecommunication systems are

From business trips to negotiations and interviews, a businessman has to manage an array of different things while on the move. The efficiency and usefulness of these activities is directly related to the type of gadgets they use. The various

Social media marketing is the in thing now. Businesses are all tapping into this media strategy in order to propagate their products and services. Social media marketing can be said to refer to the process of attracting website traffic or

Fine art is a large business and many artists are associated with this field. However, when it comes to marketing their creative works and ideas, they cannot make it big. Here are a few web-marketing strategies that would help these

Though there are already many web analytic tools readily available for the online marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, Pinterest has recently launched their own web analytics tool. This tool can help you in examining your active content marketing strategies and analyzes

Although social media sites do not charge anything for online profiles, it would still cost a business money in creating and handling an online profile with these sites. Productive time needs to be spent on updating these profiles and interacting

The Karbonn A4+ is an Android Smartphone powered by 1 GHz Dual Core Processor and 512 MB RAM. It comes with 4 inch display, Dual SIM support and 3.2 MP Camera.

Social media tools are used not only for personal communication purposes, but also help businesses generate leads, engage their customers and convert sales. In fact, many of the small businesses have gained a momentum by creating a good client base

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