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Use YouTube for your marketing needs

Social media marketing is the in thing now. Businesses are all tapping into this media strategy in order to propagate their products and services. Social media marketing can be said to refer to the process of attracting website traffic or enhancing visibility. It has become an accessible platform for anyone if hooked on to an internet connection. Apart from the well-known social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, YouTube has now grown in popularity as a social media platform for marketing. Below is a rundown on how YouTube can prove to be an effective social media marketing tool.


YouTube is not merely a platform for videos but also a highly effective and popular social networking site. YouTube is known for its easy-to-use interface and messages can be sent out effectively and easily across various websites and email. One can very easily attach a YouTube video to a website or Facebook account and the end users will easily be able to access the video. With one upload of a video on Facebook, one is also able to explain a particular product or process more than he can be do with just words. Therefore, there is so much potential in advertising a video as it provides a more detailed perspective of things. It is said that YouTube’s search bar is ranked as number 2 on the Internet, next to Google. This shows the level of popularity that the website has garnered and therefore has the potential to play a crucial role in marketing strategies.

YouTube also has a feature called channels on its site. Here, companies have the option of submitting videos to dedicated channels rather than uploading videos on a general level. This helps boost a company’s chance of online visibility and hits when a search is queried. The company’s branding can also be promoted as it is seen to be within a dedicated channel rather than just a random upload.


Companies can also view analytical data on YouTube just like how website owners can view traffic information. Substantial data on how the videos are performing with regard to hit list can be obtained. This data include time spent by people on the video, demographic information and so on. This gives companies an idea of whether the videos uploaded have a positive impact on the lives of their target audience. It also gives them a chance to tweak existing strategies if they currently do not work.

Who can forget about advertising? After all, this is one of the primary areas of business for social networking websites. Companies can therefore tap on this and advertise on YouTube to ensure that a hit is more likely to happen when a search is queried. These advertisements can be customized according to need to ensure that the target audience sees what they need to see.


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