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Gadgets and technology that quietly changed modern life

There is no denying the fact that we are living in a world that is challenging every step of technology today. With each passing day, we are able to find a new answer to existing problems. While we have seen so many of such concepts in earlier shades like movies, cartoons and video games; the fact is that we have been able to take them to the real field with immense technical expertise.

At the same time, most of the creative ideas that were present in our childhood have paved the way for amazing inventions today. So many of our creations have been based around one or the other creative idea of the past! Here’s a list of modern gadgets that changed our lives.

Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo Gameboy: It was the thing to have as a child. It made those long bus rides home so much more interesting. Well, It was the first step towards humongous leap in video game technology. PlayStations, Xboxs, and Wii U did take over in the long run, but the Nintendo Gameboy was the first videogame console that took over our imagination and made us understand the possibilities that lie ahead.


iPod: Music players have never been the same since the iPod released. It has given us instant access to what we love the most. Imagine the days when we had to carry a walkman or a boombox around. It has definitely revolutionised the way music is listened. So many other options have been clubbed with the single idea of listening to music – playing games, video recording and photos and many more. It all started with the iPod.


Webcameras: You hardly find laptops that do not have a webcamera as a standard accessory. The webcam has changed the way we communicate today. We can get in touch with people near and far with just the click of a button. With applications like Facetime and Skype, we can conduct ‘face to face’ meetings without moving an inch. All of it was based on the first webcam that gave us such an amazing feature.


GPS: The availability of GPS to the general populace changed the way people drive their cars, and the destinations they select for travel. No one really keeps a huge map open on the passenger seat; it has become so convenient by using a map based application.


Bluetooth: This technology has been around for years now, and continues to find more applications and use. Wireless data transfer and P2P wireless transmission got a shot in the arm with Bluetooth. The applications from Bluetooth are endless and we can connect stereos, phones, laptops and so on.

Digital camera

Digital camera: This invention changed the way we take photographs, and the way we use them. We are so used to having the best cameras on our phones but the fact of the matter is that the entire idea of high definition video and pictures started with the Digital Camera.

Digital TV

Digital TV: People used to watch television in black and white not too long ago too. There has been a huge change that came through over the years and today, we have digital TVs with grand resolution, and even 3D technology. Going digital has made the television a powerful device that can interact with the user and even browse the internet.

using smarthone

Smartphones: The first smart phones were limited in features, options, and even their “smartness.” Then came along the modern batch of smartphones and changed the technology landscape. Today, phones handle several things for us, right from managing office mails to video conferencing. Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and several other applications have made smartphones very useful devices.


Modern living has changed dramatically thanks to gadgets that have revolutionised our lives. We are able to live so differently today because of the way we have embraced technology.

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