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Money View app – Review

WhizDM has come up with a new financial planning app called Money View. It offers you a real-time visibility of all your finances.


Money View is a well designed app that tracks and handles your finances without any special setup. You do not need to do any manual entry into this app. It also does not require your bank login. Money View is a smart app that tracks and organizes data from your SMS notifications from billers and banks. It has a decent display to show you the details of every penny you spend.

Your transactions can be placed in different categories created by the app. It also has a cash management tool. You not only receive a daily summary of expenditure through Money View, but also receive weekly and monthly summaries. The app may soon be updated to provide notifications to help you invest in various savings options.


The Money View app is compatible with all kinds of devices. For Android devices, it requires the Android version 2.3 and later to run smoothly. The app works wonderfully without any technical interruption. The app performs auto-tracking of all your bills, expenses and money balances in your financial accounts. It also organizes and manages all these aspects so you may simply relax and plan your wealth.

Ease of use

Money View is an app that is simple to use without any security threat, as it works on advanced security technology and allows you to set a pass code for extra safety. You may just download the app and it starts working on its own.



The Money View app is very beneficial in planning your finances by receiving automatically tracked details on your expenses, bills and available money. The app can help you view your credit and debit card expenses, net banking spend and withdrawals from ATMs at a single location. You may access this information at any time and place, without making any effort. All major banks are included in this app. When you are able to know your cash spend and areas of expenditure, you may easily manage and control your extra expenses. Further, its timely alerts support quick bill payments.

Value for money

The app is free to use and offers full value for money to users. Considering its usefulness, we’d say it does better than providing mere value for money.


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