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Maintenance software goes mobile – What benefits can it offer?

Reports suggest that usage of mobile technology is soaring rapidly throughout organizations and industries; and, people engaged in maintenance and operations department are even feeling the need of going mobile. It is not an unknown fact for anyone who has spent enough time among American public that majority of the Americans own a smartphone. In fact, the Pew Research Center says that 92% of American adults own a cell phone among which 58% are smartphones.

The spurring market for cell phones might seem old school now but along with this growth, the other industries are all feeling the burning need for adopting a mobile approach to all their services. Maintenance management is even not an exception. Companies can’t do without a preventative maintenance plan, especially those that have multiple assets and inventory. But how are they going to leverage the mobile approach?

Mobile maintenance software gains momentum – CMMS is now on mobile devices

using mobile

It’s no surprise that mobile systems and devices are opening up a huge world of opportunities and similar is the case with the maintenance industry. With the mobile maintenance software, staffs can reap the perks of CMMS from any geographical location with the help of their handheld devices. Here are few benefits that such mobile maintenance software will offer you.

  • Real-time data access

With the soaring popularity of smartphones, everyone nowadays carry their smartphones along with them. With such easy access to the internet, if you’re using mobile maintenance software, you will certainly get real-time visibility to the state of operations and maintenance, irrespective of where you are located. With real-time access, things get easier.

  • Response time is reduced

Due to the fact that you can check the maintenance software from any place, you will be notified immediately when anything happens in your workplace and you can even respond to such problems in no time. Whenever any software is on mobile, this certainly reduces the response time and with lesser time to respond to issues, there will be efficient and quicker servicing which can save both money and time.

  • Staffs can go remote and ditch their office desks

Whenever a company uses documents and paper files to handle the entire maintenance and operations, the staffs and employees get tied to their office desks throughout their working hours as they require staying close to the paperwork in order to stay productive. However, such is not the case with mobile maintenance software as your staff can move to any place and still remain close to the software and to everything that’s happening in the office.

  • Less paperwork leads to less stress

Mobile maintenance software

When you have all information and files on maintenance in a single space, this also means that the employees won’t have to juggle between folders and cabinets and files to hunt for information that they’re looking for. Since all details will be stored in a CMMS database, things will become much easier to find out.

  • Collaboration gets easier and effortless

There are several staffs in an organization who should remain informed about the maintenance schedules and issues. However, when there is mobile software for maintenance, each and every staff in the office has access to that file and information from their own smartphones. So, such software ties everyone through a single page and helps collaborate easily.

Therefore, now that you know the benefits of switching to mobile maintenance software, what are you waiting for?

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