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What you can do to improve acoustics of your home theater

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So, you have invested in an expensive high-quality home theater system to watch and listen to your favorite movies and songs from the comfort of your home. As soon as you finish installing and mounting the entire equipment and play the DVD, you realize that you are not getting the similar dramatic, smooth and enhanced sound quality that you enjoyed when you asked for a demo at the shop. Are you wondering what has gone wrong? If yes, then there’s no need to panic. It is the acoustics of your home theater that you need to work on.

Role of Acoustics With Relevance to Home Theater:

It is extremely important to have suitable conditions for your home theater acoustics as it will give you the perfect opportunity to experience life-like performances as far as home entertainment is concerned. If you want to optimize your home theater acoustics, then you will have to position the sound equipment and the speaker in such a way that it helps in accentuating the performance of the home theater system.

You can install an acoustic panel, which is designed to better control the sound reverberation across the home theater room. These panels also help in preventing the sound from bouncing off the walls of the room and it further minimizes flutter and echoes. These sound absorbing panels are available in unique and innovative designs that can be effectively mixed and matched to create really attractive home theater rooms. They also help in generating high-quality sound and the best acoustics.

Yet another way of achieving enhanced acoustics is to apply acoustic based foam that helps in absorbing sound in areas that lack aesthetics. The acoustical foam works much better in comparison to the draperies and curtains, when it comes to distribution of sound waves and adding to the surface area.

Problems that Arise due to Poor Acoustics:

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If your home theater acoustics is improper you won’t get natural sound and life-like experience. What’s the point in incurring huge expenses in getting a home theater system that delivers normal quality sound. Poor acoustics will also see the sound escaping from the room. If the room has not been soundproofed, then the sound would leak and affect other people, who may not be interested in watching a movie.

Tips to Improve acoustics:

If you wish to experience and listen to high-quality home theater sound, then you can use the following tips to enjoy life-like performances:

  • If your budget allows you, then it is advisable that you fix a professional and experienced acoustical consultant to design your home theater room and install your home theater system effectively.
  • If you don’t have that kind of budget, you can begin by addressing and reducing any outside sound, for example traffic, HVAC and footsteps among others on your own.
  • You can use acoustical panels or sound absorbing panels to minimize echoes, flutter and reverberation. For, this you will have to fit these panels on as much as 20-40% of your wall space.
  • You can also consider adding bass traps that are capable of absorbing noise in the corners simply that lead to reduction of low frequency build up.
  • Several products assist in controlling noise and keeping unwanted sound away from your home theater system. Some of these products include duct lagging, duct silencers and pipe that help in reducing HVAC noise, isolation clips and vinyl noise barrier that helps in decoupling ceilings and walls. You can also use acoustical door sealing kits and acoustical doors.
  • Home theater lovers can also enhance the acoustical performance of the system by bringing about improvements in the room.

Remember the size, shape and even the layout of a room helps in enhancing home theater experience. By simply carpeting the room, using acoustic wall panels or curtains, adding an all hard surface ceiling you can sound proof your room and reduce noise, thereby achieving noise reduction and enhanced home theater environment.

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