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BlackBerry Passport – Review

BlackBerry Passport - Review

BlackBerry has recently unveiled the square look of its freshly released smartphone called BlackBerry Passport. The phone will remind you of your real passport due to it similar appearance and style. Check out more about this newly launched device from BlackBerry.



BlackBerry Passport is a stylish and portable device that has a large and solid appearance. Its dimensions actually resemble the size and shape of a real passport. Many users may find it attractive with a massive screen size. It has an IPS LCD capacitive touch-screen display with a resolution of 1440×1440 pixels. BlackBerry Passport comes with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The device comes with a comfortable QWERTY keyboard that is wonderful to play your fingers on. Its keyboard also works like a touchpad that can be used to scroll things up and down. Thus, you get another option to a touch screen. However, some users may not like the sound this keyboard creates while typing. BlackBerry Passport has kept its hold on an older feature of a blinking and flashing red light that might be a nuisance at night. The phone is available in black and white colors.


BlackBerry Passport works efficiently with a non-removable, Li-ion 3450mAh battery that offers a good battery life for about 30 hours under active usage. However, the device lags on software functionality when it is compared to its major rivals like iPhone 6 Plus. It is also running on the company’s near obsolete, BlackBerry 10.3 operating system that does not appeal to users anymore. This device has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage capacity that can be taken up to 64 GB using a microSD card. It comes equipped with major connectivity options, including GPRS, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth v4.0, and NFC.

When we talk about the camera features of BlackBerry Passport, we can only say that these need to be worked upon while competing with major rivals like Apple and Samsung. This device has a 13 MP auto-focus camera with LED flash and features face detection and geo-tagging. There is also a secondary 2 MP camera. Overall, the device’s specifications are unable to justify the performance expected from it.

Ease of use

While BlackBerry has tried to make Passport an easy-to-use smartphone through its innovative features like digital assistant, it still needs to tighten up its belt in order to face a tough competitive market for professional smartphones. While its digital assistance can help you in pulling out your work diaries, it is still far from achieving the best. Still, the device is easy to carry, but not in your pocket. Its large size may not let it fit your pocket properly. However, a pouch is okay to make it portable. Although the phone weighs significantly at 194 grams, its thin and sleek design makes it comfortable to hold in a grip.


BlackBerry Passport is a useful device, mainly for office workers and professionals. However, it could have been far more useful with good camera technology and effective app store services. You might find some key elements missing in the store and these may be essential for a professional.

Value for money

BlackBerry Passport costs $600 without a contract. If you go for a two-year AT&T contract, the phone will cost you $250. This overwhelming amount of BlackBerry Passport may be tough on the pockets of some users, considering the phone’s specifications and non-peaking performance in comparison with its major rivals already operating in the business smartphones market. Thus, it cannot be considered an easy buy.

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