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Remove unwanted U2 album with a new app: Review

Remove unwanted U2 album with a new app: Review
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While you may be a die-hard fan of a music band, you may not like it to invade into your privacy by sending some unwanted stuff to you. This is exactly what recently happened when an unwanted U2 album reached many iTunes users without their consent. However, Apple controlled the situation by releasing a new app that helps users get rid of this unwanted content.


The new app can be used by users who want to remove the unwanted U2 album from their iTunes music library. This app gives a one-tap option to users for deleting this album that Apple intended as a gift, but turned out to be a nuisance. The app offers an easy link and description of what will happen after the album is scrapped and a Remove Album button is pressed. Thus, the appearance of the app is simple and plain for a direct use.


The app works perfectly while it removes the album from your iTunes music library. This is an exclusive app that is compatible with all Apple devices.

Ease of use

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It is a very simple app to use. You can simply go to a Web page and single-click on a button to remove the U2 music album from your device.


While the album called ‘Songs of Innocence’ was a gift for users from U2 and iTunes, people reacted furiously to this unwanted stuff that was stuck in their music library without them even buying it and or without them giving consent to stick it there. While the album has received mixed reviews and has some meaningful and emotional songs, it is simply unable to calm down the anger of certain users.

Thus, things basically took a negative turn for a positive step taken to engage fans. We may say that there was not much use of releasing an album suddenly without the permission of users. However, the app is quite useful in getting rid of this unwanted gift now.


While U2 has a large fan base, not every iTunes user is their fan. Thus, they should have followed a strategy while making their album available to iTunes users. The new app still covers the reputation of Apple and U2.

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