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Talko – Review

Talking and communicating using voice is a clear way to share ideas with each other. It is also the fastest mode of presenting your ideas in exactly the same manner as you intend. Talko is a newly launched app that helps users in making meaningful communication using voice messages. Check out what it brings to your table.


Talko is an app that makes you use your voice to get various tasks done. It has a neat and simple user interface with useful features that let you communicate with your friends, loved ones and professional contacts in multiple ways. Its talk feature lets you speak to others in both online and offline modes.

The app also has a feature that makes you tap on a camera to capture your moments and share instantly with your voice messages. You may additionally mark some key moments using bookmarks and tags.


This app is currently available to run on iPhones, while its developers assure that the app will soon be available on web and Android as well. Talko makes it effective to find, organize and share key details verbally with others. The app not only allows users to communicate in a clear and noiseless environment, but also lets them give a pictorial context to their voice. This makes the app even more effective for users.

Ease of use

Talko is an easy-to-use app that can be smoothly downloaded and used. Its user interface makes it simpler to communicate using voice. With a single tap on a feature, you may form and share your ideas with a whole team. It is nice tool for solving all your troubles through verbal communication, as there is no chance of miscommunication or misunderstanding.


Talko is a clean and decent app that can be used for regular communication purposes using voice messages. The app can be most useful for professional purposes where people work in a team and need to share a lot of verbal information regarding their common projects and tasks. The app is also useful for personal communication with your friends and colleagues. Its usefulness increases with its image capturing and forwarding features.

Value for money

While the ideas of communicating using voice messages, attaching pictures or tagging are common, this app becomes slightly different when it emphasizes on the role of voice communication. It takes us back to those days when a phone was only meant to make a call. It is definitely worth trying, especially when it is free to use.

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