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Kony Visualizer 2.0 – Review

Leading enterprise mobility solutions provider Kony has revealed a new mobile app design solution called Kony Visualizer 2.0. This solution offers the first collaborative, Cloud-based design environment that it calls WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mobilize).


Kony Visualizer 2.0 supports developers, designers and business users in creating multichannel apps through collaboration. This solution supports the prototyping, designing and development of apps for all platforms, whether it is the iOS, Android, Windows or Web.

This is an innovative product that almost cuts down the app design and development time by half. This solution does not require manual software coding and allows creating click-through preview apps instantly.

Through its Cloud collaboration services and the WYSIWYM capability, Kony Visualizer 2.0 also allows app previews to be immediately shared on all mobile devices. It is a high-performance solution that significantly increases the efficiency and productivity in designing apps.


This new solution is a high-quality product that compresses the app design and development lifecycle. It is a great tool that causes significant reduction in time and efforts made in concern with user experience testing and app design.

Ease of use

Vizualizer 2.0 makes the mobile app design process quite simple by enabling collaboration across various development stages. It gives business users, designers and developers an easy and faster means of prototyping native and web apps. With Kony Visualizer 2.0, designers and developers have found a smoother way to codeless app design.


Kony Visualizer 2.0 is a wonderful solution that not only helps in creating great app user experiences, but also supports developers in streamlining the entire process of app development. This fills up the gap between stakeholder expectations and the delivered product.

Stakeholders can now preview the product before development and can also provide real-time feedback. Kony Visualizer 2.0 is a stunning tool for all types of business groups getting apps developed from design firms. Additionally, it lets developers reuse the once-generated app code for other applications to be built in future.


Kony is a highly reputed provider of enterprise mobility solutions that are Cloud-based. It is one of the leading providers of mobile app development platforms and has been rewarded for its innovative solutions and services. Thus, one can expect it to offer a value-for-money product in the form of Kony Visualizer 2.0. Currently, the company has only released a trial version of this solution.


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