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How LinkedIn Groups help your social media marketing efforts

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It takes a lot of time and effort to get your company’s LinkedIn group to grow big. Building such successful LinkedIn Groups is often a result of intuitive social media marketing. Here are some valuable lessons that small business owners swear by.


People using social media want leaders

Most people using social media want leaders; people that have got the conversation going or are experts in their field. Even if you aren’t too confident about your skills, starting a though provoking conversation will give you the chance to become a leader in your community and be a star in your own right. Even if you are the owner of a small company or business, your thoughts and words will have equal value with those of someone from a bigger corporation if what you say has real value to your audience. Sharing personal experience on social media forums would help you reach your audience more meaningfully than asking a professional writer to write a thoroughly researched piece on a subject.

Attract a bigger audience with thought leadership

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Being authentic, real and human will help you attract a bigger audience for sure. People going to these forums and joining the conversations aren’t looking for well-researched articles about a topic – they can get that on Wikipedia! What people are looking for in their social media groups are the personal experiences of real people who have been there and done that for real. Discussions in groups often has a lot of people opining and sharing their experiences which makes the thought leadership process a lot more structured for the audiences. Such relationships are mutually beneficial for your brand as well as for your audience as you get the kind of feedback you can pay people to get and your customers get to see the thought processes that make your company tick and help your brand succeed.


Co-creating content with audiences pays off

Once you have captured your audience’s interest as a leader, you have to be ready to share the spotlight on readers too. Having profile articles and guest posts by followers and asking your social media fans and followers to contribute to your social media marketing pages via co-created content gives them a great sense of satisfaction. It also encourages them to spread the word about you while the additional crated content allows you to reduce your workload at least a tad too. What such co-created content does for your company is that it gets customers to see things from your point of view to an extent while you yourself get a better sense of their sentiments about you.

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