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With more than 75 million registered users, StumbleUpon is a big name in the field of social networks. If you go on analyzing the data that many of the blogs have now started sharing regarding their earnings and the traffic drawn to them through different sources, you would get to observe that StumbleUpon is playing a very important role in drawing traffic as compared to other top social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.


What is StumbleUpon and how does it operate?

Now, if you still haven’t come across this network, then you might be thinking what StumbleUpon is all about and how could it draw a huge traffic to your website! Well, StumbleUpon is a sort of custom search engine that draws out content according to your interests. It recommends you those pages that are best related to the topic you are finding the information on. It offers you several search features, enabling you to see only the content shared by like-minded people in your network. For rating purposes, you get the thumbs-up and thumbs-down click buttons using which you could share your liking or disliking for a piece of shared information on a website. The overall ratings of a particular page display the collaborative opinion of visitors and ultimately the quality of that website.

Using StumbleUpon and benefits of its usage

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The unique quality of StumbleUpon is that it only searches the best-suited content per your needs and there’s nothing irrelevant to sort out from; this quality makes StumbleUpon different from other search engines. Since users on this network search for information per their interests, they bring good traffic if your website information suits their particular needs. Additionally, this network is free for you to join just like Twitter or Facebook. So as soon as you register, start on with some basic activities that include writing and putting up a few good articles with unique content, stumbling regularly to find people with similar interests, and giving thumbs-ups to your own posts and to other users’ posts that you appreciated. You could also share posts from others and build-up professional relationships with various bloggers. stumbleupon-logo How to receive more traffic from StumbleUpon

Once you have started doing basic activities on this social network, your linkages with other bloggers and stumblers could start getting you more traffic. Those users who are looking for information similar to your offerings might want to bookmark your site or sign up to receive your newsletter. Some might also want to link their websites to yours, thereby providing various inbound links valuable to you. Additionally, add the StumbleUpon toolbar and create a click button for it on all your blogs and posts. So, get stumbling and connecting through this network in efficient ways, and it’ll bring you more and more visitors.

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