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Leading tactical technological trends for 2014

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We often struggle to keep the pace up with the rapidly changing technological innovations, because almost every day a new item or pioneering technology is being introduces in this vast market. Not only is it difficult to get completely aware of these trends but also remaining ahead of them requires constant struggle. To make it easier for you, here is a list of five out of the best technological trends for 2014.


Web Scale IT:

For the past few years, leading cloud service providers such as Amazon and Google have been trying to plan ways to make their IT services even better. This has led to the development of a singularity even that has changed completely the scenario of IT landscape. If at all the IT organizations are able to successfully collaborate and emulate the processes, architectures and practices of these leading giants, this can lead to a drastic change.


Smart Machines:

The IT companies now need to think about collaborating people and smart machines that will ultimately increase the affectivity of work. This could be the unprecedented era in the history of IT to help grow smart advisors like IBM, advanced global industrial systems, autonomous vehicles and intelligent personal assistants. The opportunity of providing leadership is right here.


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3D Printing:

The growth of 3D printing is estimated to rise by almost 75 percent in the year 2014. This has lead to the advancement of organizations, industries and markets. This will incredible affect the retail industry and enable the marketing and operations management personnel to change from a limited manufacturing design to an ideal manufacturing design. This requires IT professionals to develop a framework for the evaluation of the impact of the 3D printing technology.


The Era of Personal Cloud:

The rise of the personal cloud will lead to the downfall of current trends dealing with users. Hence, the shift is towards the services rather than that of the devices. For handling this, IT leaders need to be flexible and ready with newer technologies, tools and policies to have a hold on their user base.


Mobile Device Diversity and Management:

Due to the consumer-oriented BYOD culture, the IT leaders are under constant pressure to provide their customers and enterprises a broad array of device options. It has become essential that companies plan better employee owned hardware in order to achieve flexibility with privacy requirements.


From web scale IT to Mobile device diversity and management, all these current trends in technology are likely to affect people, businesses and IT organizations for at least the forthcoming three years.

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