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All you need to know about Nokia’s patented Vibrating Tattoos

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Right after filing a patent for “Slide to unlock”, Nokia has decided to file another patent for vibrating wearable tattoos. These tattoos would work as ringtone for you phone. Nokia says that a material which can detect electromagnetic fields would be attached to the skin. When you get a call, a message or have a low battery, the martial would generate a stimulus, which can be detected by your skin. Nokia has also thought of a real tattoo which would be done with special ferromagnetic inks. This tattoo would too work in tandem with your phone for ringtones.

Nokia's Tattoo patent for ringtones

What’s great?

Nokia is trying a similar thing like different ringtone for different callers. In future, the phone would emit electromagnetic waves depending on the caller. A different type of signal would be generated when you receive a message or when battery gets low. The material could either appear in the form of a tattoo or a wearable badge. This technology would help avoiding loud obnoxious ringtones. Plus, this would help you not to miss important calls in noisy spaces.

What’s not so great?

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As stated earlier, the material will detect EM signals sent by your phone. If the material appears as wearable tattoos or badges, then your body would be exposed to EM radiations. We know that electromagnetic waves can be harmful in so many ways. In some cases, EM waves can even cause Leukemia and Cancer. In case of the real tattoo with special Ferromagnetic Ink, firstly the ink is completely demagnetized, and then it is applied in form of tattoo. After tattoo is done, the ink is again magnetized so that it becomes sensitive to EM signals. These materials might be allergic or might have hazards. Suitable biological testing would have to be done for this.

Things to watch out for

Incorporating this concept in form of badge still sounds safe but less effective. On the other hand, the real tattoos and wearable tattoos might have some medical issues related with them. Even when it’s tested safe for humans, would someone want a tattoo just for the ringtone?

Word around the web

You’ll never miss another call, and people won’t have to listen to your obnoxious ringtone anymore.

Discovery Channel

Nokia is looking into haptic tattoos to help you feel who is calling.



So we can clearly see that Nokia is aggressively filing patents, one after another. The concept sounds interesting and would benefit in some ways. However, the negative aspects of this technology would have to be tested. If not properly tested, it might result in some serious health issues. But still this would help cut down some noise and the irritating buzz of vibration. It would also inform you effectively about calls and messages, even in the noisiest of places.

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