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Five gadgets that are great for the nursery

A baby is the greatest gift of God to a mother. When it comes to taking care of a baby, a mother chooses every item very carefully. As far as baby gadgets are concerned, it is important that you make a wise decision to go for gadgets that are safe, simple and time saving. Here are five such high end nursery gadgets for your baby.


Keep the beat

If you are a mother, remember the first time you hear the heartbeat of your child? It’s the first time you experience a life inside you. With the all new gadget called Bellabeat, you can now hear and also record your child’s heartbeat. The gadget is loaded with a special sensor that can be connected to your Android or iPhone and amplifies the rhythm of heartbeats inside the womb. It also features a pregnancy calendar, diary and a “Kickcounter” to keep a record of your baby’s activity.


A smart way to snuggle

The Mimo onesie gadget comes with a small snap-in monitoring device that allows you to keep a watch on your baby from anywhere even when you are not near the child. The device keeps track of breathing movement, temperature and sleep patterns of your child and enables you to see the baby’s body posture while the child is asleep, without the need to go inside the room. The sensor is turtle shaped and has an Intel Edison chip that sends all the information to your Smartphone through the Bluetooth.


Keep an eye on things

With the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, you can view an HD video of your little one right at your Smartphone and that too with a zoom feature. You can even reply to your baby to make him feel comfortable from any corner of your home. This extremely modern gadget goes with iOS and Android phones.


Mom is in the air

The Duux humidifier is another incredible gadget that works with the ultrasonic technology fitted inside it to keep the atmosphere of your child’s room perfect. As compared to traditional humidifiers, this one is very enrgy efficient and boasts features like timer, immediate mist button and automatic shutdown.


Rolling with a robot

4moms Origami stroller is a perfect accessory for your little one which opens and closes at the touch of a single button. The rear wheels are loaded with generators that get charged as you stroll along and also features a LCD dashboard to show you the distance travelled by you.


With the high end and cutting edge baby gadgets mentioned above taking care of your child is less stressful, and a smarter way to care.


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