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Photolemur adds spark and life to your vivid photographic memories

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With Photolemur being there to enhance your photos instantly, your photos won’t disappoint you anymore. Essentially a smart and intelligent photography assistant, this unique software automatically makes your photos look better. You no longer have to spend hours manually correcting your photos. Photolemur does even the most complex tasks for you automatically. It’s basically your AI photo assistant that edits your images to make them look the best they can.

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Photolemur is a simple to use software which is the best photo enhancer and photo assistant anyone can have. The software relies on its high-end image processing algorithm which developers put in a lot of thought and work to perfect. The core of Photolemur is the smart tech that analyzes millions of pixels per second, identifies individual features such as faces, trees, etc, and automatically makes all the necessary adjustments and corrections. The self-evolving “brain” saves photos while ensuring that all future enhancements are based on previous successes.

Color Recovery

The amazing software ensures your photos retain the vivid, bright colors of real life. The instant automatic color recovery functionality solves the issue wherein camera settings start deteriorating the quality of colors. You can regain the dazzling hues with the color recovery feature.

Face Retouching

Photolemur software detects faces and fixes imperfections automatically. In team photos, portraits, and unexpected selfies, it corrects flaws while giving a natural and healthy look on clear and vibrant faces.

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Sky Enhancement

The soothing blue tones of the sky are made more distinct by increasing the sharpness of planes, clouds, birds and other objects. This feature brings back the striking colors of the sky, and can perfect an off balance photo into a brilliant photo reflecting the glory of the heavens.

Smart Dehaze

This smart software protects images from unwanted / unrealistic fog, but will retain your stunning photos of rolling mists. The software enhances the images in the most natural way possible and makes them breathtakingly beautiful.

Natural Light 

The daylight correction feature corrects the photos according to the time of day you clicked it. Photolemur perfectly adjusts the soft light of the morning, the dazzling brilliance of the afternoon and the romantic sunset. It further takes the warm and cool tones that differ during the day into consideration and accordingly, adjusts your photos.

Foliage correction

The foliage correction, as the name implies, brings out the minutest details of the trees, leaves, etc. It’s aside from the beauty of the forests you might be camping in. The glorious waterfalls can look as majestic in your snaps as they do in nature.

Tint Perfection

If required, you can add bluish or red tints to your photos depending on variables like image and composition. This feature can make your images stand out even more.

RAW Processing

With RAW format support and Photolemur tech, you don’t have to worry about improving photo quality ever.

JPEG fix

The JPEG fix feature cleans up unwanted noise and corrects mistakes in JPEG images. It does so by improving the quality of the pictures, as much as possible, digitally.


All of the cool features described above plus some more can be bought at an extremely reasonable price. In fact, looking at the time and energy you’d save, the software is worth its salt for sure!

With Photolemur you can concentrate more on clicking pictures, and not worry about the results. This smart photo editor would make all your clicks memorable and outstanding.

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