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Best HDR software 2014: Review

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This review provides you with the details of the Best HDR Software used in creating high dynamic range photographs. Since, there has been huge increase in producing high dynamic range photographs, several HDR software’s have been developed, which have the capability to recreate every natural moment that a person desires. Listed below are the Best HDR Software of 2014.


Dynamic-Photo HDR5

Dynamic-Photo HDR5 is easy to install and provides polished interface. The software runs on both Windows and MAC operating system. Getting started with it is simple but alignment part is where it might cause a little problem. In some photos, the alignment option gets automatically off, though the software provides you with option for fine-tuning of alignment. In case of ghosting or any moving objects, the software fails to provide you with the option to provide you with this feature. The images need to be converted to JPG format; the software does not work fine with raw files.


Professional Canon Digital photo

This software is available with most Canon Digital Cameras with in-built HDR feature but you need to have the latest version of software for having HDR features. The program is very easy to work with and provides many options for fine-tuning of HDR photos. The software does not provide the flexibility to load more than three exposures for creating HDR images.


Easy HDR

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Easy HDR is easy to install. The software provides with the flexibility of several options for alignment and ghosting. It includes good feature of mapping providing the right mix of controls for shadows and highlight. When it comes to merging five or more than five exposures, the program gets a little slow.


Essential HDR

The software runs only on Windows and is simplest of all HDR programs to install. Drag and Drop feature is also provided in the software. It fails in processing RAW files and does not provide with alignment or ghosting option. The tone mapping process is very easy to follow and provides the facility to merge and produce HDR images.


Full Dynamic Range Tool

The program produces high impact HDR images. It works well with both raw files and no conversion of images to JPG file format is required. It might require some time to learn the settings of the software. The program runs on both Windows and MAC operating system.


Fusion HDR Software

The program works well with RAW exposures and provides two mapping options, which have good working ability. It provides very limited features but produces decent HDR images and runs only on Windows operating system.


These are best HDR software providing with high quality HDR images. Each program has different settings and features, therefore, producing different results for HDR images. All software’s work best in their own way.

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