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Frebble – Review

Frebble – Review
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Long distant relationships are really difficult, as your heart aches in memory of your beloved or your loved ones residing in different country or at far off places. There were options like Skype available that gives you an opportunity to come closer to your loved ones via video chats. But there was nothing like feeling a personal touch, a firm handshake, of your loved one sitting abroad. However, now this is possible. All thanks to Frebble, this is a creation of Frederic Petrignani, an entrepreneur of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The device lets you hold your beloved’s hand, while he is far away in another country.


The Frebble has a true potential to bring loved ones residing in different countries and far off places even closer. It is a five inch long device that is made up of plastic and has a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery inside. Some areas on the model have a rubberized padding that makes Frebble an easy-to-grip device. The rechargeable battery can go on for about four hours at a stretch. The device is designed in such a way that when a person holds it and squeezes it, they feel like they are pressing their loved one’s hand. The two pressure sensors located at the front of the Frebble and the two vibration motors located on the side of the device enable it to receive haptic feedback. The multi colored LED panel is there to show the users whether they are connected or not.

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The Frebble will work with Google Chrome version 24 or higher, and sixteen and higher version of Firefox. A micro-USB cable is to be used as charger. Users can use the Frabble with Skype and Google hangouts that will give them an opportunity to talk, see, and feel their loved ones living far away from them.


A pair of the Frebble costs $89 (£52).


The performance of Frebble is based on the haptic technology. It apes the hand-holding sensation by using tactile feedback. Two people desiring to have a close contact with each other must have this device and an internet connection. The Frebble connects with another Frebble through the internet. When you press the Frebble, your partner can feel that squeezing sensation in his Frebble and vice versa. This way, the Frebble gives the users a feeling like they are holding their loved one’s hand.

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