The next generation gaming technology, Omni, makes its debut at E3 2014

If you have not heard about Omni yet, then here is a quick recap. Omni is the next evolution in gaming technology with the power to strap you to a game literally. The technology was showcased at E3 2014 with its founder Virtuix allowing several avid gamers to enjoy a hands- on- demo (call it a body-on-demo otherwise).

 Omni gaming harness uses capacitive sensors for mapping your motion

The gaming product by Virtuix comes with a plastic shield. The prototype that was showcased at E3 would represent what a gamer will experience when he/she purchases the product. The product requires its user to wear special shoes, which Virtuix has also provided with the entire package. The shoes are rather large, but come with bungee straps for adjustment. They do not have any traction, which is good when you are walking or (shall we say) gliding on the Omni’s quite slippery dome like surface.

Omni also comes with special straps that would act as harnesses just like in zip lining. They would help users stay centered and in place. A VR headset helps users get the necessary visuals as provided by Oculus Rift. With everything in place, users would be free to move in an open world.

In addition to working with any FPS game, the Omni can also be used to play games designed around it, including the Xbox 360 controller. In this case, the demo version allowed users to capture pictures with the press of a button. A plastic gun would also be included as part of Omni’s package.


Another highlight of the Omni is that it displays stats after every game. This includes details indicating the distance that users walked, the calories that they burned, the number of shots fired, the number of enemies killed and so on. The demo version showcased at E3 lasted only 10 minutes but was enough to make users break out into a sweat.

The only hindrance to purchasing the Omni is its price and size. When launched, the product would cost around $499 that would include only the Omni, the gun controller and the shoes. Users would need to purchase the Oculus Rift and a pair of good quality earphones in order to enjoy the complete experience. Then again, the size of the product along with its harnesses could be a deterrent for gamers who like it compact and mobile. However, Omni clearly presents the direction in which the gaming world is headed, wherein instead of cameras tracking gamers, the latter would walk directly into virtual worlds.


Virtuix displayed a demo of the Omni at the E3 2014. The product comes with special shoes, harnesses and a gun controller. Using Oculus Rift, it can help users enter virtual worlds quite literally. The complete product would be available for $499 (excluding the Oculus Rift and headphones) soon.


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