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Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Keeps a Close Look on Your Network

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Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is a solution for IT performance monitoring and infrastructure management. This server monitoring software is designed to be quite comprehensive so it may provide a lot of information on the health of your servers and overall IT environment. Let us look at some more details about this interesting software designed by Idera.


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Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is quite beneficial for monitoring not only your servers, but also your networking devices, virtual machines, services, and applications. The software also helps in planning the requirements of server capacity in future by considering some historical data.

Additionally, it can be beneficial in tracking the trends for service-level performance. This tracking can further help you in SLA compliance, as well as reporting. The software is additionally helpful in creating private and team IT dashboards and NOCs for datacenters.

Value for money

While Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is efficient at work, but its price tag of $125 per device may not be very comfortable to some users.


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The software has a unified dashboard with interesting graphical elements for proper monitoring and service status visualization. While the graphics are nicely displayed, you may not be able to click on error conditions. There are pre-built plugins to monitor almost anything virtually.

However, you may need added installation for some of these plugins. Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor can run remotely and on premise, as well as in the cloud. It is also customizable to a good extent. The software sends timely alert notifications before any SLA targets are due for IT. Thus, it is designed wonderfully for infrastructure management and flexible reporting.


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Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor works nicely across multiple platforms, such as Windows, UNIX, Solaris, Novell, Linux, cloud, and virtual servers. Based on your usage, it can plan your future server capacity well. The software also performs decently when it comes to reporting and compliance issues. While some monitoring issues or problems may arise at times, it does precise troubleshooting after a thorough root-cause analysis.

Ease of use

The software is extremely simple to use. You may not only monitor thousands of devices and applications with it, but may also monitor the experience of end users. It is fairly simple to install and configure this software according to your monitoring requirements.

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