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For all business organizations, it is the most important task and sometimes, the most difficult one to store and maintain the large information related to day-to-day work in paper documents. A company devotes a large section of its office area […]

A PC and tablet maker from Taiwan, better known in the market for its Nexus tablets powered by Google’s software, has recently rolled out their new product by the name of Fonepad 7 (FE170CG) Dual-SIM Tablet. By now, you must

Here comes the Portrait pro 19, the smartest, more advanced photo editing programmer we have today. It is the best and easiest smart photo editing softwarethat can be of great help when you want to go for your next photo-shoot.


Facebook has recently been in the news regarding the launch of its new software for mobile devices, trivially titled as Facebook Home. The Facebook Home software is a fresh and innovative approach toward social networking on mobile devices. From the

We all know that Facebook frowns on Google’s recent plunge into social networking and vice versa, leaving both of them to match their strengths with each other for us to delve into something better and better. If Facebook has established a niche as the

Facebook vs. Google+: Who wins the title?

From last year onwards, Mozilla is silently working on their browser only operating system, Boot to Gecko. They started this year with a bang by showing their creation on a live hardware, the Samsung Galaxy S2. According to Mozilla, all the Android use

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko: A new milestone in its journey

Photo editing plugins are very useful as they add valuable functionality to the associated photo editor. These plugins are available for popular photo editing software tools such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, IrfanView and GIMP. There are a number of amaz

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