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For all business organizations, it is the most important task and sometimes, the most difficult one to store and maintain the large information related to day-to-day work in paper documents. A company devotes a large section of its office area in order to store and manage the paper documents, which further makes it difficult for employees to access important information from a mound of documents. To escape this problem, the most efficient solution is to use document management software.


Modern digital software helps executives in storing, modifying and retrieving the information when needed. The software provides a centralized location for storing the information in folders, scanning papers quickly, and distributing documents in a standardized format.

To access the information through the document management tool, you can search the required information via entering full text or a keyword. Here we are discussing some document management software to set up a paperless office, especially for big enterprises that require storing huge information:


ISO Tracker Document Control

ISO Tracker Document Control is one of the most efficient document management software that a company needs for setting up a paperless office. As it is a cloud-based tool, it offers a centralized method for storing and managing the information in folders. Using this tool, authorized employees of the company can easily store, edit, retrieve, and transmit documents remotely.


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The LogicalDOC is a web based document management system that can be easily installed and implemented in any type of organization, whether it is small, medium, or large. It supports full-text search across document content and metadata, aside from importing valuable information from compressed zipped folders, web services API, mobile support for iPad, iPhone, Android and so on. Furthermore, licensing, support and optional packages are all inexpensive.



The Krystal document management system is a cost-effective software tool for eliminating paper based methods of information documentation. It replaces the old methods of storing the documents through electronic ways, eliminating the manual work done in papers and saves time, effort and money. It enables users to scan, manage, store, retrieve, index, and distribute confidential or important document securely.



XaitPorter by Xait provides a centralized way to store the documents that makes the document management easy for users. The cloud-based software allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. Its built-in workflow manages the whole process. It features documents to store, modify, and retrieve data or information from any location. Furthermore, it provides standardized formatting, numbering and layout for maintaining documents.


The document management software is a cost effective way that businesses can use to setup a paperless office. The document management tool offers organization, modification and distribution of documents through which users can set up a managed work place.

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