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Android Wear BeeLink app – Review

Android Wear BeeLink app - Review
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VizTec has come up with a solution to your Android Wear connectivity problems. It has launched an app called Android Wear BeeLink, which helps you to connect your Android Wear to any other device.


The Android Wear BeeLink app facilitates connectivity between an Android device and your Android Wear by automatically searching for available device options. You can now effectively pair Android Wear with any Android tablet or phone via Bluetooth. The app does scanning for nearby devices and lists them all on your Android Wear. It not only displays the device name, but also the MAC address of the device. Thus, you may choose if you want to pair with these devices or not. In addition, you may easily connect or disconnect with a device by checking it on your Android Wear. The app is compatible with the Android version 4.1 and up.


Android Wear BeeLink is a communication app to support the linking of Android Wear devices to Bluetooth devices available nearby. It is a very simple looking app with an easy user interface. It works on simple wear in commands that are displayed on Android Wear. You can select a pairing option on just a single tap. Additionally, you may interact with notifications. This app also lets you control your smartphone through the use of voice commands.

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Ease of use

It is very easy to set up this app and make Bluetooth device connections or disconnections with Android Wear. The app also makes it simple to fast swap to another device without the requirement of a reboot or reset. However, the app may cause trouble at times when you are trying to pair more than one Bluetooth device with your Android Wear.


The major benefit of this app is that it can increase the usability of your Android Wear across a variety of Bluetooth devices. While it could be troublesome at times, the app is still useful to set up more than one tablet or phone. Now, you may not complain that your smartwatch does not connect to other Android devices. This has always been a tedious task that has been made much simpler by the Android Wear BeeLink app.

Value for money

The Android Wear BeeLink app is free to download and use. Thus, it gives you complete value to money.

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