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bSafe app – Review

Bipper has developed an app called bSafe, which assures your safety at any location. It works by connecting you to your friends and well-wishers so they may immediately help you at the time of need. Check out what this security app has in store for you.


The bSafe app has an interesting user interface that provides several beneficial features to let you seek help at the time of an emergency. This app has an emergency alarm that instantly starts recording your video and voice and broadcasts it to your primary contact with your complete location. With this app, you may also invite friends to walk with you when you feel alone or unsafe.

Depending on the number of friends following you, you may send multiple invites. It additionally lets you set a timer mode while you are involved in an activity like jogging. The app keeps following your steps for the time duration you have set. You may also update this timer during your walk. In case there is no timely check-in by you, this app informs your friends through alerts. There is also a fake call feature. It comes handy when you want to avoid an awkward or unsafe situation like a blind date or long meeting. You can preset fake calls for certain desired timings.


This app works smoothly on all iPhones and Android phones. It keeps you connected with your friends via GPS. Tracking through GPS can help them reach you in no time. You simply need to do a private check-in when you want help and they will know where to reach.

Ease of use

The bSafe app is easy to download and use. There are simple feature icons that work on a single tap if you want to request help from your connections or share your whereabouts.


The bSafe app takes away all your safety-related worries when your loved ones stay out of home until late or you go somewhere alone. It is a great mobile app that accompanies you everywhere and enhances your safety through its useful features. You may remain constantly connected with your multiple family members and friends so you all can share each other’s locations using Follow Me and I’m Here features. Additionally, you may safely navigate using built-in maps. Although bSafe messages and calls a primary contact in case of an emergency, it provides a better user experience with a wider circle of friends.

Value for money

The app offers complete value for money, as it can be downloaded for free on your phone. However, its premium version is available at a minimal charge of $1.99 per month.

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