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Sleep Cycle alarm clock – Review

Sleep Cycle alarm clock - Review
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Northcube AB has come up with its health and fitness app called Sleep Cycle. This app acts like an intelligent alarm clock for users.



The Sleep Cycle app works like a smart alarm clock that not only analyzes your sleep pattern, but also captures the quality of your sleep. Accordingly, it wakes you up during a specific sleep phase. The app provides detailed statistics related to your sleep and also displays this information using daily sleep graphs. It features 15 nice melodies that help you wake up. Sleep Cycle also offers options to customize your wake-up sound or add your own wake-up sound. The wake-up window can also be customized relative to your set alarm time.


This app is compatible with all your devices that run the Android version 4.0 and later. Sleep Cycle is an efficient alarm clock to monitor your movement during your entire sleep cycle. It does this by using your phone’s sensitive accelerometer. That is how this app provides excellent results when it wakes you up at a relaxed time.

Ease of use

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It is a simple app to use. However, you may need to find a phone charging spot by your bed and to place your phone according to the instructions given in this app. While it is important to follow the rules, some users may not find them comfortable. Since the app runs continuously as you sleep, users might find it draining the battery.


The Sleep Cycle app makes it easier for you to wake up according to your sleep cycle. This app helps you wake up at the right time, which means the time when you are in your lightest sleep phase. Waking up during this phase keeps you relaxed and refreshed during the day. Sleep Cycle also helps in capturing the quality of your sleep while offering sleep notes to you.

These sleep notes let you know how certain events affect your sleep quality. Such events may include a stressful day, overeating, sickness and drinking coffee. Sleep notes guide you to improve the quality of your sleep. The app presents long-term sleep quality graphs that inform you about the time and days when you sleep in the best manner and when your sleep remains disturbed. Thus, you may work out on you sleep pattern.

Value for money

At around $1.5, this app is great value for money. Sleep Cycle is quite useful and this purchase price is minimal for the service it delivers.

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