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My Study Life – Review

My Study Life is an educational app that has been launched by My Study Life, Ltd. This app makes students organized by providing them an educational planner.


My Study Life is a simple app with a user-friendly appearance. It has an easy user interface with some highly useful features. This planner app is designed for students and teachers so they may track their educational tasks and activities regularly. This app also has features that support students in storing their exam-related details and managing their classes. The app sends regular notifications about classes, pending tasks and scheduled exams. There is also an option to share timetables with students that can be used by teachers. The overall appearance of this app is very structured and organized.


My Study Life can be accessed over several platforms and devices, including Android-based devices, iPhones, Windows phones and the Web. For Android devices, you will need the Android version 4.0 and later to run this app. It works quite effectively and smoothly on every device. You may access this app online, as well as offline. You may also make updates to this app and access it from any location and using any of your devices. This is made possible by storing all your tasks in the Cloud.

Ease of use

Students or teachers can use the app easily. It also allows easy modification of stored data from anywhere. My Study Life additionally allows quick customization using a variety of options and settings.


My Study Life is a beneficial app for all students and instructors. Students can use this app to track their homework, revisions and assignments. They can also track their exams so effective study plans may be made. This app is a kind of replacement for a student’s paper planner. It not only supports all types of timetables created on a daily or weekly rotation basis, but also offers advanced term support. It manages all your tasks by integrating the entire data. Thus, you will always know when an exam is clashing with another one or when a class is scheduled along with your revision task. Teachers may also share important timetable updates with their students.

Value for money

It is a free app that offers complete value on its usage and students will surely find it beneficial.


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