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Argus for iOS: Review

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Argus is an activity tracker app that helps you keep yourself in shape and stay fit. Launched for iOS, this app combines a workout monitor and daily step counter so you may achieve all your fitness goals.


Argus is a nice app for keeping a log of your workout, as well as the number of steps taken on a daily basis. It helps you in setting regular fitness goals in an efficient manner. However, it could give you some trouble while logging in your number of steps taken. It lacks a bit on the accuracy when it comes to step count. For a general idea of your daily activity, this app will not disappoint you. Since Argus supports the M7 processor, people with iPhone 5s can make the best use of this app without compromising much on their battery life. Otherwise, Argus causes huge battery drain due to its login and other features.


If you are spending on multiple fitness devices, then it is advisable to check out the features of this free app once. Argus covers almost all facets of your fitness tracking, such as diet, sleep and exercise. With this single app, you may get rid of numerous ineffective apps on your iPhone. While it tracks your walking and running activities, it also keeps a watch on your sleep, weight and liquid intake. In fact, it does not even leave the track of weather. Some simple configurations of icons can also help you track finer details like your current step count. The app’s sleep tracker is the feature to keep a check on your sleep cycles. You will not require any additional accessory or wristband to do that. Thus, the app is effective when it comes to its design and features.

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Argus has several useful features that help you in achieving your fitness goals. However, it lacks on the accuracy it offers. Additionally, it may not help when you want to track some deep nutrition-related factors. If you require an app for general health tracking, then you may easily opt for Argus. Without spending on special pedometer technologies, you may receive a good track of your daily fitness activities.

Ease of Use

This app can be easily used on iOS and can be integrated with other wearable devices that do not run on Apple’s operating system. Although it is a tiring job to create your login for this app, it is quite easy to navigate through it later.

Value for money

Argus is free to be downloaded on your iOS device. Thus, there are no expenses to be done by investing in paid apps or pedometers.

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