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Three effective strategies to boost sales through social media

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In the present virtual world of internet, there are innumerable business opportunities that might even cut the real-world efforts you make to boost up your business. In fact, some online social media tools can be termed as a technology boon to sales professionals. These networks can offer unlimited sales and marketing opportunities. Nowadays, there is too much lead generation and business development pressure on sales managers and it becomes quite challenging to find relevant customers for your services or products. But, using social media tools in effective ways can lead to better sales results in a shorter time span. Here are three key ways in which your sales productivity can be increased through social media.


Lead verification on social media

In business-to-business (B2B) sales, the lead generation might offer minimal information, such as an e-mail ID of your prospective client or the company he/she works for. Now, through such limited information, it gets difficult to say that you have a genuine client with right needs. Here, social media may come handy as you might try to look for more information about your client if you can search about their company or their decision-making authority within the company. You might utilize a professional networking tool, such as LinkedIn, to check about your clients and their business firms. Through this site, you can obtain information about a company’s scale of operations, its niche and territory, etc. You might also verify if the client’s requirements would match the services or products offered by your business. Once you verify your leads, you get to know whether you are targeting the right customers or just wasting your time on them.

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Following your leads on social sites

To gain valuable and contextual information for increasing your efficiency, it’s a great idea to follow them on social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. You may not only follow some specific companies, but also keep a watch on the industry trends using social media tools like Bing Alerts. Based on such business trends, you may plan or alter your sales strategies. You might also track prospective clients’ requirements if you get to check some related news about their needs for such products that you offer.


Getting relevant clients

Social media can do miracles for your B2B needs if your aim is to boost sales productivity. You can connect with people who are serious about purchasing the kinds of products you are selling. Social media is a direct way to reach such customers while cutting down on your sales cycle. For example, if your product is an Android-based mobile phone, you can do a quick search on Twitter with the same keywords. To your surprise, you might get to see tweets from people who are searching for a good Android-based mobile phone and seeking suggestions on best purchases. What else do you want? Get in touch with these people directly! This is how social media may provide instant benefits to boost up your business in a real short time span. So, put your thinking caps on and get to some serious business!

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