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How to deal with Migraine

How to deal with Migraine

As competition to move ahead in life is getting intense, various health complications and ailments are developing. Out of different ailments, migraine is getting common. The name might be short, but the effects are adverse and can worsen if proper treatment is not done on time. A migraine pain can last up to two to three hours to two or three days. Getting treatment for migraine at the preliminary stages is important so that it can be controlled. When a migraine pain strikes, it is pulsating and strikes like a hammer. The pain starts mostly from the sidewalls of the head and around the eyes, which gradually takes over the entire head. Even the slightest sound or vivid lights can worsen the situation. Taking extensive stress can even cause migraine. Vomiting and dizziness are the common side effects of migraine pain.

Types of migraine

Knowing about the types of migraine can be helpful as proper treatment and medication can be adopted. Below mentioned are the types of migraines.

Classic Migraines: In classic migraine, the pain starts with a warning sign. The signs are usually blurred image and temporary loss of vision. If you see light or color in front of your eyes, then it is a warning sign of classic migraine pain. While facing the problem of classic migraine, you might feel restless and irritable along with having problem in communicating. A burning sensation might catch your eyes and head. The signs of classic migraine pain last up to fifteen minutes, which takes over by the crucifying pain. The signs or aura of classic migraine can happen after or before the pain. The pain of classic migraine might happen to one side of your eye and head or both eyes and complete head region.

Common Migraines: The pain of common migraine starts without an aura or sign. The pain usually starts slowly which develops later. The pain of common migraine lasts more than classic migraines. Having a common migraine is like hell as it interferes with the work of daily routine. While suffering from a common migraine, the pain remains on only one side of head and eye.

Symptoms of migraine

Knowing the symptoms which causes migraine is useful as you can start the medication on time to prevent the tremendous pain. Below mentioned are the symptoms of migraine.

Ache on the sides of your head and eye

Pain, which you feel in your head while doing physical activity

Sudden occurrence of vomiting and dizziness

Pain due to excessive lights and sound

Cold and spiffy along with feeling tired all the time

What ignites Migraine?

There are different aspects, which can light up your migraine pain. Migraine mostly occurs due to low level of serotonin. The low level of serotonin can cause swelling of blood vessels with a result that it causes extreme pain.

Migraine mostly starts because of sudden strong smell, strident noises and dazzling lights. Migraine can even be caused due to climatic changes. Some products as canned or processed food items can even trigger migraine pain. Red wine can even cause migraine pain. Intense physical activity including sexual activity can elicit migraine. Fags and fumes can even cause migraine. Extreme work pressure in the office can even cause migraine pain.

How to deal with migraine

Knowing about the ways to deal with migraine can be useful as you can handle the invigorating pain in the best possible manner. Below mentioned are some of the tips, which you can take into use to handle the migraine pain.

Medication: Once you are aware that you are suffering from migraine, then getting the proper treatment on time would be beneficial. There are different medicines like Ibrofen and Voveron, which can give you temporary relief, but for a permanent solution, you have to go under various therapies. Taking the proper and prescribed dose of medicines can help you in keeping the migraine at parity. Consuming magnesium and vitamin B can help you in keeping control over your migraine.

Take a break: Working extensively can cause migraine. When you feel that your migraine is about to strike, you should immediately take break from your work. Resting in a place, which is noise free, and without any flashy lights can help you in dealing with your migraine. Do not over burden your brain, as it also required rest.

Sleep: If your migraine strikes you at home, the best thing, which you can do to deal with it, is to sleep. You can sleepover your migraine as it will give you fruitful results. Sleep in a room where you can have direct contact of air on your head and face. This way the pain will subsidize and you can even have some rest as well.

Massage: Massaging your head with some oil would be favorable. Massaging your head would help you relax the brain muscles and veins through which blood is gushed. Remember not to apply pressure on your head while massaging as it can increase the pain. Massage slowly and in circular motions to ease out the pain.

Therapies and meditation: Meditation and yoga can help you in various ways to deal with migraine. These methods are best for use in dealing with migraine as it relaxes the muscles. You can even go for acupuncture therapies for getting permanent solution to deal with migraine. Aromatherapy is also best suited for dealing with migraine. As there are some smells, which causes migraine, in the same manner, there are some smells, which can defuse the migraine. Inhaling smell of lavender and peppermint can help in reducing the pain. Smell of Chamomile and rosemary can even help you in dealing with migraine.

Herbal Remedies: Among natural herbal remedies, feverfew is one of the best. Consumption of this herbal product is the best way to deal with migraine. It removes the clotting of blood vessels and relives migraine. Fennel along with ginger and kava-kava are also best suited as herbal treatments to deal with migraine.

Acquire some extra knowledge

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the reasons, which causes migraine, would be best to deal with migraine. Inculcate the habit of eating green veggies daily as it can diminish the chances of having a migraine attack. For more ways to deal with migraine attacks, a person can check over the internet, as there are various medical portals, which provide information about dealing with migraine in the best possible manner.

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