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How to deal with diabetes(Version-2)


To deal with diabetes, you need to take care of some more things that could enable your body to cope with diabetes and make you remain healthy. Apart from taking care of cholesterol, blood sugar level etc, you need to take some more precautions and follow your physician’s instructions in an efficient way.


Keep your blood pressure down

You need to check out for your blood pressure and take care of it. Blood pressure should not go beyond control which might prove fatal. Hypertension is dangerous for diabetics. To control your blood pressure, you need to control your diet. You need to loose your weight, reduce sodium content intake, stop alcohol, avoid tobacco, reduce caffeine intake. You need to stay stress free for the same. Go for regular blood pressure check and take medicines if required by the prescription of your physician.


Medication is required to control the blood sugar level in human body and check the cholesterol level by taking proper medicines and insulin. You need to follow the prescribed way of lifestyle once you are diabetic. Neglecting physician advice might cost your health dear. You must not change the dose of the medicine or stop taking them even if your blood cholesterol level is under control. You need to take care of kidney diseases, eye diseases and your feet. Insulin is usually created in human pancreas and it helps to circulate the sugar all over the body. If you are suffering from Type I diabetes, insulin is not prepared in the pancreas. You need to take insulin injections in your blood. You need to take insulin in shots as per your physician’s prescription.

Diet control

To fight with diabetes, you need a proper diet which would help you keep a well balanced sugar, cholesterol and glucose level in your body. You need to take high fiber and low fat food if you are diabetic. Take vegetables, fruits and fruit juice to remain healthy. You must not put weight. Take whole brown rice instead of white rice. A diabetic should stick to complex carbohydrates, foods with low glycemic index and avoid food with simple sugars. Diabetes patients should also avoid processed food such as high fat and saturated foods.

Exercise and physical activity

Remaining lazy and sedentary could add to the woes if one is suffering from diabetes. It helps in a typical rise in hypertension and blood cholesterol level. Regular exercise about half an hour a day could do the trick in controlling those factors initiating diabetes. Exercising reduces body weight which is a huge boost in coping with diabetes. You can go for swimming, cycling, walking, dancing for the same.

Keep yourself relaxed

You should be aware enough to take care of this disease. You need to be well prepared to brave the inconvenience caused and you should act responsibly for the same. You must go to the doctor for regular check ups, blood sugar, and urine tests. You should undergo regular feet, skin and eye examinations. Blood pressure needs to be measured in regular intervals to keep a check on diabetes. Blood sugar level should be checked every day to control diabetes. If it goes beyond control, you must visit a doctor. Now a days there are various brands launching Glucometers to measure blood sugar level every day. You need to record of the fluctuation in your blood sugar level so that you can help your doctor in your treatment. You need not bother much about this disease. It is of course fatal if proper care is not taken. But you can control it and lead a healthy life.

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