How to deal with bailiffs

The commercial bailiffs generally send plenty of letters but very seldom visit your property. The powers of the commercial bailiffs are comparatively less than that of the court bailiffs and they can be dealt with a simple procedure.

Do not let them enter your house

The bailiffs have no right to enter your house without your permission or a court order. They can get a court order in case you have not paid any fines or have an unpaid overdue debt. If you make the mistake of inviting them for once, they can break down your door and get in the next time. In case you are expecting bailiffs, do no open the door without confirming who is standing outside. Talk by shouting through the closed door or by mailbox. Inquire exactly who they are and what their business is with you.

Talk to them politely and never sign any paper for them

Walk out from the back door after it is confirmed that they are bailiffs. Talk to them very politely but keep refusing their demands. For sure, note down all that the bailiff says or any of the powers they claim to have. You can not afford to admit any debt in front of the bailiffs. They will try all possible tricks to make you admit, but do not fall prey to them. Remember not to sign any document offered by them. Signing the documents will automatically grant them rights to trespass your property, hence it is dangerous.

Inquire about them and never disclose your identity

Never agree that you are the same person they have been searching for. Remember, not to disclose your identity or name in any situation. If you keep refusing continuously, they will be forced to return and come back later. Inquire the reason they are there and the court that certifies them. Try to take a photograph of the bailiff and you can make a small claim in the country court later.

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