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How to deal with high blood pressure

deal with high blood pressure

Hypertension is known as the silent killer as it can affect your heart and kidney and a person can get a stroke without any warning symptoms. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure then you need to take proper care of yourself by following some healthy solutions as follows.

Living healthy

If you suffer from hypertension, then you need to be extra cautious about your diet and the way you live. People with hypertension need to avoid salt intake as sodium can cause water retention in the blood. Your kidney may not be able to flush out the excess salt as it may already be too weak to deal with the stress. This pressure on the kidney causes the high blood pressure, so cut down on the salt intake drastically. Apart from this, people with hypertension need to live healthier by cutting down on harmful things like alcohol and cigarette.

Check the cholesterol level

It is important to eat a healthy diet if one is suffering from high blood pressure. This will mean, cutting down on saturated fats so as to reduce the cholesterol level. Eat a healthy diet which has been specifically planned for hypertension patients. This will include a lot of green leafy vegetables rich in antioxidants and fiber which is good for the body. Include plenty of fruits as well in your diet and drink plenty of water. This will help to keep your system clean which will naturally have a beneficial affect upon your kidney.

Do exercises

For hypertension patients it is important to keep active so as to maintain a normal heart rate for blood circulation. Doing cardio exercises should be beneficial for you as it will help in warming up before other exercises are undertaken. Go for long walks everyday or resort to biking around the neighborhood, if not do a spot of gardening which involves whole body movements. If you feel uncomfortable during these exercises, then you should stop and rest for sometime or consult your doctor. Always maintain a regular exercise regime for at least an hour each day. Being too over weight is a prime cause of concern for high blood pressure, so keep a check on your weight with regular exercise.

Relaxing the nervous system

Stress is the main cause of hypertension and needs to be handled correctly. It is important to manage your stress level through deep relaxation techniques. This technique consciously relaxes the nerves and muscles which in turn controls the walls of the blood vessels. Regular meditation can have a calming effect upon your entire body system, which results in effectively overcoming high blood pressure due to stress and tension.

Being stress free is most helpful towards maintaining a normal pressure rate. The tactile communication with a pet or baby can also lift some of the stress and tension away. Enjoy the company of people and laugh a lot as this can really reduce the level of stress.

Have a positive outlook

Our daily attitudes towards life, such as our aversions, fears, attachments and ways of reacting to life can all lead to unnecessary tension in life. This is all a psychosomatic effect which can cause our blood pressure to play havoc. Therefore, you need to take stock of the situation by analyzing some of these emotional factors, which are contributing towards escalating your high blood pressure. You can begin by analyzing those factors which causes you to react in certain ways and add to the worry and stress. After pinpointing the causes, you can consciously try to free yourself from all these through a relaxed and self confident manner. You can work towards this gradual state of mind through self-analysis and self-transformation by developing a positive attitude.

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