Giving Space Matters in All Relations – A Look into The Same

Relations are the most important bonding in our lives and we all know that each relationship has a different meaning. We cannot treat each and every relationship in same manner. Some relations require space so that a mutual trust develops and the relationship grows into a stronger one. However, giving space means giving liberty in the association to a certain degree. If the person is taking due advantage of the liberty given then it is better to put some restrictions.

Why space matters in relationships?

“Space” is something that gives a fresh air to a relationship. For example, if a couple keep nagging each other for small issues then the relationship becomes a burden and both man and woman wish to end it as soon as possible. This rule does not apply only for couples, but for other relationships as well. Parents and children, siblings, relatives and even friends are some of the relationships that work well only if a dignity is maintained from both parties. Irritating the other person in the relationship with the undue issues would definitely lead to misunderstandings and furthermore the relationship will end.

What are the consequences of not giving space in a relationship?

Assuming that the person involved in a relationship with you is bound to act as per your requirements is one of the biggest mistakes. No person is allowed to dictate his or her terms to anyone and every person is permissible to have his or her own space. Not giving space to kids is the most common predicament in kids-parent relationship. Most of the parents keep a strict check on their kid’s activities and usually do not allow them to move and behave freely. Parents should understand that kids have their own lives though parents should always be there to guide them. Kids with excess restrictions generally develop into rebels and get agitated every now and then.

Similarly, if a couple is not allowed by each other to live their life freely may have serious relationship issues that usually become irreconcilable. In this modern world, both husband and wife are working. They have their own set of friends and colleagues. In that situation it is the duty of both of them to allow each other to mingle with their associates separately. However, both should give ample time to each other and do not neglect their marital responsibilities.

In friendship, friends should understand each other’s privacy. True friends are always close friends, but it doesn’t mean that the person is not allowed to do anything beyond friendship. Most of the time relationship with a friend breaks up due to unnecessary interference of one friend into other’s personal matters. It is better to be careful.

Pointer that should be kept in mind while acting in a relationship

  • If you are in a love relationship then keep in mind that love means sharing your feelings, but not to make your partner uncomfortable with your presence. Most of the time it is observed that males keep a check on their female partners while going out, meeting with other male friends and even in personal matters. All these things should be avoided as these would only irritate your partner and might be you can loose him or her forever.
  • Being a parent if you are worried about your kid’s whereabouts and personal life then it is acceptable, but always trying to keep him or her in front of your eyes is a big ‘NO’. Kids are like saplings that need fresh air to grow in a big green plant. Let them act freely. If they are making friends then keep a check what kind of friends they are making rather than stopping them to make friends. Similarly, if your teenager is dating someone than make him or her understand politely about the consequences of early dating in stead of scolding and threatening your kid.
  • In a marriage relationship, ‘space’ is the most important thing as this relationship is build forever and it should be maintained properly. Husband and wife should understand each other’s feelings and likings. If wife is not comfortable with something, husband should understand rather than forcing him on her. Likewise, if husband is in need of something then wife should comprehend and respond accordingly. Mutual understanding and giving freedom to each other is the basis of a successful marriage.
  • Friendship ‘space’ means allowing your friend to do as per his of her wish. If you have a close friend let him or her talk to someone else as well rather then feel neglected. Also try not to interfere on your friend’s personal matters. One of the most important things that one should do is to stay away from your friend’s love life. Sometimes a close friend doesn’t feel comfortable to share his love life matters with friends.

Whichever relationship you are in, you must understand its complexities and limitations. Going beyond these limitations would certainly put a negative effect on your relationship. However, it is also not acceptable that the freedom or space you give to your relation is used for off-putting activities. If you are giving space then you should keep vigilance that your associate is trustworthy. At any point of time if you feel that in name of ‘space’ anyone is ditching you and trying to harm you then straight away tell him or her that this is not permissible. Every relationship grows stronger with trust and love. If both these things are going away from you life due to undue ‘space’ then there is no use of that relationship.

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