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Lifes Journey

Lifes Journey

From the second we’re born to the second we die; we experience so much and travel so far. So when we look at it this way, life is a journey. In this journey, its important to leave ourselves open to what comes our way and as long as we stick to some fundamental rules, the outcome will be in our favour. The few rules can be simplified as such:

  • Act with integrity and honesty in all of your actions
  • Design the life that you want and realise that there are rules for the type of life that you want and not for life itself. Back your plan with persistence and don’t give up
  • We are here for a short amount of time and its best to be happy for as long as possible.
  • Don’t let negativities such as stress creep into your life

There are many other fundamentals but I feel they stem from the same points. There are differing points of view on life and the purpose of it. There are those who feel there is a higher purpose and humans are here to attain a certain level of enlightenment and reach another goal or destiny after their life here. There are also those who feel that we are here by random, we are lucky to have the chance to be here, and therefore we should be grateful of the little time we have.

Why then are there these rules as to what we should and should not be doing? Why can we not just live on a whim and do as we please and when we please. We are living in a close knot world. We, as a society, have accepted that right and wrong is defined by the level of damage that is done to their chance of having a quality life. The rules that we have come up with, whether it be religious or the laws of the land, have been created to make sure as many people can have this chance as possible. Any negative impact is punished after it has occurred, prevented from happening if possible, and studied to cure if possible. This is societies role and this is why we have certain guidelines.

The rules within which we live can go as deep as how we should think. Over generations, philosophers have spent the time to think about what our purpose is, and in doing so, they have answered some questions about ourselves that we have needed to know. The inner workings of our brains, and a deeper understanding of who we are has helped us gain a better understanding of how we should perceive to gain a better understanding of the world. It can be complex, but if we take the time to familiarise ourselves with the rules, then our life’s journey will be more fulfilling. We remain open to the opportunities that life brings, but we stick to our beliefs and play by the rules to ensure that our behaviour is connected and will in turn affect us in some way. We need to realise that there is a connection among us as there is in nature, and if you tug or poke at something, it will be connected to everything else so therefore will have an impact on you.

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