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The truth might hurt, but there’s nothing more real

lying and dishonesty

As kids, we learn about lying and its like a revelation. We realize that by not telling the truth, we can do whatever we want and no one will know. Our parents will ask us if we have done our homework, cleaned our room, or if we know who smashed the window, and we say No. There…Done. Now my hands are clean and I can go about my business.

Then, the teacher sends a report home and mentions that you don’t do your homework, your brother/sister goes into your room and tells your mum how messy your room is, and your neighbor mentions they saw you kick the football through the window. Now your luck is up and you’re in trouble.

One lie begets another. We have to continue a charade and keep lying to support the original lie. You cleaned your room and your sister must have messed it up. You did your homework but your teacher doesn’t like you. Your neighbor must be lying or they confused you with someone else. None of which is true, but yet you continue to perpetuate your lie. This will keep going, and you will keep digging yourself in deeper and deeper until you’re in too deep.

A much easier way to be is open, honest, and real. How?
– come clean about your mistakes.
– be open about your short comings,
– be real about your misjudgments
– be honest to your loved ones

This will make your life easier, make them trust you in every situation instead of doubting you, and it will allow you to be completely real in every situation. We all make mistakes, and we all lie. We must be honest about that. The most important thing is to keep this to a minimum, and if we want to have honest interactions and real relationships, we must speak the truth, however painful that may be. The truth might hurt, but there’s nothing more real.

“To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.”
– Charles Dickens

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