The Art of Balancing Personal, Professional and Family Life

In the course of your hectic lives, you often try to allot some time for your friends and family, particularly your partner and your kids, but are not always successful in doing so. Your professional lives take the most out of you, consuming a greater part of your day and even your night, depending on the post you hold in your career.

It is very easy for your life to spin completely out of control, both professionally and personally. These two spheres gradually begin to overlap each other and you begin to wonder where one starts and the other ends. Your life should always have some semblance of balance for it to remain in order so that you are able to sane and healthy. It may initially seem to be quite hard, reining in your life according to your will, but a few pieces of advice will be enough to guide you in the right direction.

The question is – Are you prepared to balance the two?

Plan Your Recovery

You need to first understand at which point your life lost its sense of balance before you can even start to get it back in order. Try figuring out if you are putting in too much of your time into your work instead of devoting some amount of your time to your family. Make it a point to stay home for a sufficient amount of time. Never work on weekends. The time should be spent instead with your loved ones. Your family and friends love you and want to spend time with you and you should respect their needs. So, determine the level of adjustment that you schedule requires.

Remember that your life is not just about you. Once you get married or have kids your life stops involving only you. You need to work on balancing all the key aspects in your life. Just think about all the significant moments that you are missing out on. Your life should be completely balanced and it should include all the important people whom you care about.

Change Your Schedule

Once you have set your priorities right, start with the process of delegation. Focus on areas which you are aware of that need work. In business, it is simpler to work by yourself in some areas so that you carry it out successfully in the very first shot. But in some so, you seem to be cutting down on time which should be spent with your family instead. This is where the process of delegation comes into play. Delegating is a necessary step to make sure your life has balance. Hand over some of your work to other people who are free or are capable of handling them. Be sure that there are efficient systems in place so that during the period of delegation, the instructions on what is required to be done, is perfectly clear.

The ability to prioritize is very important to find balance in your life. You should know what can be done right at the beginning and what needs to be pushed back to a later period.

Multitasking different jobs together may look good on theory, but it does not work that way in real life. It is much easier to find one thing at a time. Complete it and then move on to the next task at hand. In most instances, multitasking can prove to be very interesting.

“Me “ Time

Most people find that setting some time apart of their own is the hardest thing to achieve. Setting time for themselves is usually the last thing on the list of most people. Make time for yourself even if it is just for an hour. Make some adjustments to your day so that you can take some time off from work. This time could be spent on doing something as simple as reading a book you wanted to for long but did not find the time to. Or, it could be devoted to keeping your body healthy. After all, balance involves handling not just your responsibilities but caring for your body too. So, no matter what you decide upon doing, the goal is to take a bit of time for your own leisure.

It is natural tendency to want to please others in most instances and so people handle on more and more because someone has requested us to. By saying “yes” to these requests you are losing out on gaining some balance in your life because at one time or the other you will have too much to do and not sufficient time in the day to achieve all those tasks.

If a sense of harmony is not maintained between the personal and professional aspects of your life, it is likely to take a toll on you, mentally and physically. Adopting a few simple methods will help you get your life back on track so that you can be at your full productive capacity at work and still find time to indulge in a bit of fun with your friends and friends.

Effective Parenting

A working parent should possess an efficient sense of priority. Competing demands will always be present upon whatever little time you have on your own and you will require a flexible schedule along with a way to come up with critical decisions fast. Be sure to set aside a particular amount of time each day to converse with kids. And converse thoroughly, not just in monosyllables. Parents need to take an interest in their kids’ lives. Ask them questions about the going-ons in their lives, both involving school and friends. Your conversations need to be double-sided to be of any use. On the other hand, you could speak to them about your job so that they are to appreciate the sacrifices you make on an everyday basis just so they can lead their lives comfortably. Try and help your children with their homework when you can and ask them about what they learnt in school that day.

Take them on outings once or twice a month along with your spouse. Remember to give your partner enough attention too.

As Jane Howard accurately put it – “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family; whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one!”

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

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