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Dealing with several proposals in love


Everyone has certain feelings for someone and they wish to express them. It might happen that several people at one particular time feel something special for you and decide to express it to you. You are then caught off guard and don’t really know how to react to such a situation. Such states can be pretty tricky and hold a “Handled with care” symbol. They can be taken care of with a delicate approach to them and with sense of sensitivity. This can be done by thinking through the proposer’s point of view. You need to be a little considerate and put every word in front after thinking over it several times. You cannot control what one feels for you. But all you can do is handle the situation right and see to it that no one is hurt. You cannot be with everyone in life. You have to choose and it has to be someone special. You cannot make everyone happy at one particular moment. Someone has to be hurt. All you can try to do it reduce that level of hurt with soft and subtle words which don’t prick and fit in the person’s head.

Listen to your heart

There might be someone in all the several ones that you really like yourself. It is pretty easy to handle that because you know what you are doing and what you want. But when you have to reject someone, it gets sly. When a girl asks a guy then things are totally different. It has to be a really sensitive approach. Girls get hurt easily. You are anyways hurting them by rejecting and now you cannot be rude and spoil things for them. You need to be considerate enough to take care and control over the situation and work things up accordingly. Rejection is the worst thing to be able to digest. Hence it is indeed important to choose your words and put them straight but softly. The message should reach but should not be banged on the person. It is really important how you put things and what approach you follow.

Do not hurt anyone

It usually happens that a guy is the one who approaches. A girl must not forget that a guy has feelings too, he is equally sensitive in matter of heart. First and most important thing is that you should not make fun of him or his feelings for you. However he is you must be straight but soft. Harsh words create complications and troubles for both of you. If there is more than one proposal at a time you can just talk to the one you like and the others understand themselves what your choice is. This way you don’t have to confront anyone nor you have to go through the pain of rejecting each one yourself. It happens that even after that someone might want to talk to you and ask you himself. Just stay calm and make him understand what you feel and what you want. Be honest because the person deserves to know the reason for the same and your rejection. There are certain times when the situation loses control and the person might think of revenge.

Reject, but carefully

The reasons for your rejection might be anything. But you cannot just tell the person that you don’t like them. The words should be framed well. The person asking you can be a very good friend. In such cases you surely don’t wish to hurt the person. You tell the person that he is a good friend indeed but you have not thought about both of you in the other sense ever. You tell the person that you don’t want to commit now and hence not looking for a relationship. But with this you cannot tell him that you like someone else. You can tell the person that you indeed like some other person. If you two are really good friends then the person will understand and accept your reason. If the person has always had otherwise interests in you, you will know them that very moment. You should always tend to stick to the truth and listen to your heart. Your approach should be straight even though it is not harsh.

Make wise excuses

The teenage love is the craziest of all and has to have a different approach. You can just say that your studies are more important to you right now than anything else like a relationship. Whenever you are approached by someone, being a girl you always have the slightest idea about it. it always shows. The things between you two change. So you always know what to expect from the person. You should be ready with your answer before-hand. You get time to revise it in your mind several times. There are situations when you are proposed in a public place. You are really caught up and have no place to budge. In such picky situations all you need to do first is excuse yourself. Take a little time off to compose yourself. Then when you feel fine, go straight to the person and make him understand the situation and present your rejection. Just that all this should be in subtle words so that it doesn’t become embarrassing for him and al so the situation is under control.

Do not let situation turn embarrassing

Sometimes you are approached by a person at some party place or some kind of occasion where your family members are present too. This is a very tricky situation and you have to really take care what you talk. You definitely know what you want to say, either yes or no. If you think your family has a consent you can simply say a yes but if not and you like the person, you can just excuse yourself and as to talk to the person in person. You can make your family members understand later. This way if you are rejecting, the situation doesn’t become embarrassing.

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