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How to Deal With the Fear of the Crowd


Fear of crowd arises from nervousness, anxiety and inferiority complexes. Fear of the crowd can be overcome with the help of meditation, counseling, positive thinking and public meetings. Facing one’s highest fears can help a lot. Fear of public speaking also results in fear of the crowd. Stage fright is common and realizing its non-enormous image can help release all fears.

Seeing Eye to Eye

While entering a club, pub or a public place that has crowds of people thronging, you must try to see the audience eye to eye. This act reduces initial fears. Eye contact is a great way of releasing tension. Gradually it helps in getting used to a crowd situation. A room full of people can be looked from a distance as well as from up close. It works significantly in getting over one’s fear of crowds.

Relaxing Oneself

One must try to relax him/herself repeatedly by accepting that all one needs to do is to get there before getting any kind of impressions in the mind. Fear is in the mind and loosening oneself will not harm anyone. Facing, interacting and enjoying in a crowd will be possible only when a person relaxes and gets comfortable in the crowd situation by being comfortable within one.

Calming Oneself

It is easier for a person to see things clearly and mix with people only when that person is calm. The difficulty of accepting crowd situations can be handled by calming the mind. Meditation can be of great help. It helps release stress, impatience and frustrations. Meditation slowly brings in happiness of the mind and stabilizes a person to be able to have the strength to meet and greet people. A calm mind finds it easy to face the world.

Exercises help spend a bit of extra nervous energy. This immediately makes a person jump in body and mood.

Breathing techniques can release fear to a great extent. One can be afraid of the crowd but breathing in a definite manner can release fears before a person tries to interact or speak. Short and quick breaths are perfect to open up a person’s courage.

Worrying about making mistakes will be of no help. Instead, a person can think positive and avoid thinking about things that might mess up one’s appearance in a crowd. Make positive mental and emotional approaches towards people in order to be successful in releasing your fear of the crowds.

Be Prepared To Interact

Do not think of a crowd as stage. Prepare your mind to think of a crowd as something that is natural and not horrifying. Being prepared in your mind will overcome all your fears. You know who you are and what you are. Be yourself and always do so before going into a crowd or meeting with a gathering of people.


Getting professional help and advice is good in overcoming one’s personal fears of mixing in a crowd. Counseling helps people take control of their fears, anxieties and life in general. Professional help in counseling can make one see how easy and relaxing it can be to mix in a crowd. Meeting people is an everyday affair and counseling will make one see all this clearly.

Talk To People Who Have Come Around

It is important to converse with people who have or had similar fears. Learning their ways could set an example for you and this could help in channelizing one’s fears into overcoming them. Talking with people who have won over their fears and have come around can be inspiring and motivational. Listening to motivational stories will help another get over her/his fears.


Listening to music soothes nerves. It is an important antidote to fear of the crowd. A relaxed person is often rightly suited to meet the crowd. Before taking the plunge, listening to music can come in handy as it relaxes and comforts the mind.

How to Cope?

By taking along somebody while you are out shopping can make you ready to face the crowd. Your anxieties will be held in the right place when you are with a friend. However, this is applicable in shopping situations or some friendly parties. You will have to make your mind to go alone in some other gatherings or places.

One good thing about a public place is that it is filled with strangers. Think and believe that you are not alone. There might be people who are as scared as you are. So stop your anxiety from attacking your confidence.

Whenever you are in a store, mall or public places with crowds you tend to get panic attacks. You can start to think that you are on your own mission of buying something. You will gradually tend to feel no panic at all after you accept your sense of a need to be in the place. By accepting that, you can start accepting the fact that no one has the time or intension to mow you down or throw you out. And voila! You will be safe, alone and in the midst of a crowd all by yourself.

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